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Obama's assassination list

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Originally posted by RJLupin2:

What he's really trying to ask you is how did you got into trolling, what inspired you for that line of work and do you have your own business cards?

What you really mean is you want brumstix to be Republican-free. A Republican just breathing is a troll to you.

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Nah, what I want is a Brümstix where you ("You" as in you, Musiclover. Don't you even try to twist my words.) don't spam your political opinions in about 30 different threads. I mean, come on, if you made a Conservative Talk thread (and stuck to it) where you didn't just criticize the other side of the political spectrum and actually talk about things... that would be awesome!

I'd probably even read it to hear your side, too!

Hell, I would even settle for a Debate Thread! But no, you wouldn't make such a thread because all you are is a troll who likes to rile things up.


You're probably even smirking right now as you read this because you think just me stating your a troll means you're successfully trolling, but you'd be wrong, because I'm not trying to state you're a troll so you'll admit it or something, no, I'm stating it because I want everyone else to agree that you deserve to be banned, at least for a short amount of time as a warning.

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