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Live at the Green Space on WNYC Soundcheck 11/22/2010

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Such a great experience. Thank you soooo much again, George!

Did anyone capture the video stream? I thought they were gonna rebroadcast that in addition to the audio, but that turned out to be not true.

Here's some stuff that wasn't broadcast(ed?):

Before Regina came on, John Schaefer mentioned the parental advisory sticker and said he would ask her about it before they went on the air. When he asked her about it, she looked at him with a straight face and said "I guess they don't like the word fuck" (I'm pretty sure those are her exact words). To get it out of her system before they went on the air, she went "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...". He also asked her what he thought about the Fazioli piano (something I was wondering about myself) and brought up Steinway. I believe Regina's exact words were "Them Steinways are good".

Also, when they played Folding Chair in the beginning, Regina started dancing.

There was hardly 3 inches between the seats and stage which was awesome. I could actually hear Regina's hands hitting the surface of the keys.

We waited for about an hour and 20 minutes for Regina to come out. After about 45 minutes or so, George saw a car with a piece of paper in the window that had "Regina" written on it. The car then pulled around and went to the other side of the venue. When Regina came out, she went straight to her car. We got to tell her to feel better (she was coughing a lot) and she said thanks and then left.

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I know you can watch most of it elsewhere, but any lovely people who enjoy multiple perspectives here are my vids.

Blue Lips

Folding Chair

Man of a Thousand Faces

Sailor Song


On the Radio

I’m super happy that I was able to go to this. It was amazingly nice. Regina slipped out of a black SUV with an entourage of people and stuff around 12:30. She took a good look at the 6-8 of us waiting by the door and went inside. After spending just under 2 hours standing in the almost-unseasonably nice NY weather, we were allowed into the Green Room performance area. It was a large bright room with several arcs of chairs surrounding a smallish stage largely taken up by a piano. Cameras and tv screens were strategically posted all around the room, and hundreds of wires snaked neatly through the "rafters." It was obvious that regina’s stuff was set on the stage. Her microphone hallmarked with a silver heart, as well as her formal black tissue box, and a Poland Springs water bottle blacked out with tape waited on the stage. Brumstixers filed into the front row. However, breaking up our continuity was a single seat tagged "reserved for press."

This was, by far, the most intimate regina-performance experience I’ve ever had. But there was another aspect that was just as rare and special. The audience was actually treated like guests. We were both welcomed and appreciated. It felt like heaven in comparison to regular shows where the audience is herded around like animals, crushed, stifled and frequently berated by the venue personnel. Several minutes before 2pm, host John Schaefer appeared and briefed us on the plan and provided instructions about being on live radio and such. Our enthusiasm was encouraged, and it was obvious that we were going to be treated.

Regina appeared from a door on our right wearing a short black, long-sleeved dress with black leggings and new (or at least new to me) black boots. She was wearing makeup, but was without red lipstick. Her nails were painted a very pretty light, opalescent silverish (hmm that color is really hard to describe). I always love it when she wears nail polish!

She took her place at the piano and commented about how interesting the last radio segment, that she was listening to backstage, had been. Apparently it was about Cleopatra and Nefertiti (and possibly other important female leaders that people confuse with each other). Why do I bring this up? Because one important historical female leader reg mentioned was Elizabeth I. I can’t really remember what John’s response to regina was, I only know that as the words "Virgin Queen" escaped his mouth I felt a flush of heat as my pulse quickened. "Yes, yes! You could play that one regina!" I thought to myself. As Greg mentioned, she tried to get all of her "fucks" out before we went on air. And John joked to someone in the back that they better keep their fingers on the duck button just in case. She promised to be good, but was clearly unnerved by the notion of a "live" performance. She was coughing tons and tons and drinking loads of water and coffee/tea (something out of a starbucks cup), but her singing was flawless. (how does she do that?!) It was more than spektacular seeing her from only like 3 feet away, but perhaps just as wonderful was seeing her in good lighting. The WNYC videos make it look much darker than it was in there. The bright daylight and light wood made the sleek black piano and the darkly dressed regina incredibly striking. The sound in the room, too, was amazing. Quite possibly the best I’ve been able to experience live. Good sound, good view, and comfort- really nothing could be better!

As they were playing bits of the live in London DVD, I was intently watching regina herself to see her reaction. To actually see her watching herself was crazy surreal. She smiled broadly, and then, extremely faintly, mouthed along to a bit of Dance Anthem. I thought her comments about Peter Gabriel’s cover were interesting. I’d almost forgotten we have HER cover of his song to look forward to. =) And again, my heart leapt as John questioned regina about using Russian lyrics. OMG- she actually referred to 8th Floor by name! Now if only she could play it again! Please!!!

John suggested she play the final song of the regular program, and asked which one it would be. She told him Man of a Thousand Faces, "because it’s a short one." I thought that was kind of weird. I’d never thought of it as a SHORT song before. I know you all heard her mistake. We did too. It’s exactly the same mistake she’s made before, though it’s not that noticeable. But I noticed, as I always do and I smiled, stifling a giggle. It may not be true, but I felt like she heard the collective, knowing smiles of the brumstix and couldn’t help but be amused. She unleashed a giant, silent "FUCK" midsong followed by a string of silent, but insanely adorable, cringes and frustrated expressions.

The stage was quickly reset and Aaron Neville came out. His portion was quite good and interesting considering my serious lack of knowledge about him. It was funny, we joked later; he had no shame in just bringing lyric sheets out with him so as not to mess up. Hehe His voice was pretty awesome though.

Regina came back out for some "bonus tracks." Sailor Song and Wallet. Her messup during the wallet was also pretty priceless. I really don’t know what happened, it just seemed like she couldn’t quite get the word "laid" out. She couldn’t resist saying "fuck," but quickly, and cutely, covered her mouth just in case that wasn’t actually kosher. She issued a "Sorry, John!" to the host, which only served to remind me of all her Real Love mess-ups and posthumous apologies to John Lennon. John Schaeffer just smiled and shrugged, as if to say he surely didn’t mind. Regina was content to blame the cold medicine and just completely restart the song. I definitely didn’t mind. The last song she did was On the Radio. Yet another camera was brought out, and funnily enough, of all the songs, this one she did not mess-up.

Greg pretty much summed things up for afterward. We waited and waited, and saw her SUV. Granted there were like 12 people waiting, but they treated it like there were 50. Switching doors and surrounding her with bodies. When she finally emerged, she looked right at me, then coughed. It said a lot. She was whisked into the SUV, as the entourage announced that she was sick. I waved.

Additionally, I’d just like to add, whoever that "Press" guy was, he did nothing during the performance. Zero pictures, notebooks, writing, typing... guess he was making mental notes. I feel sure that I’ve accomplished way more in terms of reviewing and documenting that experience than he did. Now where are my special waltz-in- whenever-and-get-front-row privileges????

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Thank you Jamie for the detailed account, well done! I was all a blurr to me!

It was amazing seeing her live for the first time, and in that way, I feel spoiled now. Thank you everyone who came out and made it an awesome day! Even though we didnt get a chance to talk with Regina, I think the day went perfectly, so thanks for that guys!

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