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Brumstix Project!

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Thanks, kaoir!

For the newspaper-idea we could maybe use "Us" ("they build a staue of us" -> wouldn't that be in the newspapers? :P) or "Human of the Year" (that'd be in the newspapers for sure!).

I would really prefer using a recorded song, cause I think it's weird to use a live recording, it just doesn't fit. Maybe a song that isn't that well-known (to make it more popular).

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we could combine all of snowball13's ideas, and each person could do a line or two of the songs how they liked... so perhaps one person cutting things out of a newspaper, one person making letters out of random things, etc. each person's personal creative touch would make it even cooler! i'm so down for this, it's been too long since we've done a project as a community.

Emelie, I agree about Just Like the Movies... the demo is a bit noisy.

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Yay, I love this idea! I'd read it a few days ago and I thought of 'A Cannon' because 1) it's one of my favourites (but they all are, kind of).. and 2) it really seems like a story with things to act out and make visual. Like the 'dagger, that I'd never use - unless..' only downside is that it's a little short. Ohh btw how cool would AB be? Pictures of us trying to fall from the stairs! Haha. Just seeing that in my mind. But then again, we don't have a good recording of AB.. aww.

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@himynameism: I think we should concentrate on one for now... I mean, it's not like we have 500 people here. :P

@almostspotless: That's either a very good or a kinda bad idea. It could get a little confusing with all the different things going on in one video. I mean, we don't want to overstrain the viewer. And there's a great Regina song to appreciate as well after all. Big Grin But if we don't overdo it, it could work - and very well, too.

@Emmerrrrrrr: I'd love to do "AB" so much, too! I'm so sad there's no demo for it...

Here's a little summary of our ideas:

Video concepts:

- Writing lines on hands (concept of last project)

- Writing lines on balloons

- Using meat (if we chose Dance Anthem) -> I don't know how the starter of the post pictured that :P

- Arranging objects like letters/words

- Cutting out the letters/words out of newspapers

- Using photos, etc. to replace the words

- Using self-made drawings to express how we picture the words

- Making a stop motion video

- Mixing up (some of) the above


- Reading Time With Pickle (subject of last project)

- A Cannon

- AB (there's no demo, though)


- Dance Anthem of the 80's

- Flyin'

- Just Like The Movies (has a noisy demo, though)

- Hotel Song

- I Cut Off My Hair

- Two Birds

I hope I didn't forget anything!

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