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MoMA Benefit 3/9/11

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Uh-oh. I am happy all these people could pony up the bucks for a very important cause (a heartbreakingly important reason) but that they could not be quiet for Baobobs is really bad.

Baobobs!!! Oh, Regina, how you move us!!!

and Blue Lips (crowd still can't stop talking, but they are funding the research Regi describes

so beautifully

and, I gather, the last song of the set: Better

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I think this guy has all of them:

She performed "Baobabs", "All the Rowboats", "The Sword & The Pen", SHHHH "Blue Lips", and "Better". But why is the guitar there?

Poor crowd. They need to realize this isn't a rock concert. The people in the back have van Gogh's ear for music and wouldn't recognize a masterpiece or just genius in general without the description of it as such.

edit: she also played "Apres Moi" - six songs total.

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Seriously... why can't people be respectfully quiet? She's really trying her hardest to grab their attention (in just about every video I've seen now from this show). I don't know what else she could do..

She probably didn't have time to play more songs. She was trying to get the crowd to quiet down the whole time!

But I love that she played All the Rowboats!

"Just pretend I'm your boss. For two minutes"

lol.. Poor Regina..

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Originally posted by legerdemain:

wooooooooooo, ALL THE ROWBOATS!

I love that song! (heck, I love them all)

and she found it on the internet, LOL!

omfg Regina uses the net to find her own songs ahahah

She sure does. At the Bowery Ballroom show in January 2009 she told us that this is the site she goes to to check out the lyrics to the songs she has partially forgotten.


It is srg's site.

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