Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

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I've been here for a while now and I've never filled this in. Until now! ;P


Name or nickname: My real name is Emma, I don't really have nicknames.

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Location: The Netherlands

Languages: Dutch, English, a little French (I just have to/want to get better)


Occupation: In less than a week, I'll be a student, studying International Development Studies.

Hobbies: Photography, reading (when I take the time for it), television series

Interests: Languages, art, politics, philosophy, music.. Regina Spektor!

Political Views: Left.. equality is important to me.

Religious Views: None.

Favorite Things

Foods: Chinese is my favourite.

Color: Green

Books: I loved The Book Thief. Currently reading The Way of the World and Is That A Fish In Your Ear?

TV: Parenthood, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Enlightened, Rectify, Call The Midwife, Miranda, Boardwalk Empire, New Girl, Homeland, The Americans, Veep, Parks & Recreation, Freaks and Geeks

Movies: (500) Days of Summer, Moonrise Kingdom, Take Me Home, La Fée, Amélie, Intouchables, Lars And The Real Girl, The Artist

Music: Regina!! Fiona Apple, Kate Miller-Heidke, Ane Brun, Sia, KT Tunstall, Feist, She&Him, The Hush Sound and a lot more.


Origin or meaning of your Username: It's a name I've used on other websites before. 'Emmer' because it's similar to Emma (emmer is a Dutch word, it means bucket), 7 Rs because 7 is my lucky number.

First time you heard Regina: I was looking up a song that I'd heard in a commercial, and I accidentally found Us. It was magic to me. It really got to me in a way no other music had ever done before.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Terrible question! Patron Saint, Aquarius, You, Firewood, Us.. and pretty much everything else.

Random fact about yourself: I'm really excited that I get to vote for the first time this year.

Who/What inspires you: Regina obviously really inspires me. My friends inspire me. Movies inspire me. It inspires me to hear actors and actresses talk about their creative process. I love the art of both photographer Matthias Heiderich and illustrator Lee Crutchley.

Best thing about last year: My holiday to England and Scotland.

Looking forward to this year: I've already had so many great moments this year, but something I can still look forward to is my first day at University. icon_smile.gif

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Top 5 Regina songs is a terrible question. Love that. There is a page on here that pits Regina songs against other Regina songs. to me it shouldn't exist. It doesn't fit with the flavor of this whole site. I hate it and don't even click on it. It is so discouraging. There is a reason to love all Regina songs. Regina Spektor is a Beatle and a Mozart all in one. She is weird and melodic all at once. The Beatles did Revolution no. 9, and it's weird and stupid and I'm so glad they did it. Regina does everything like they did. I love her, I love her, I love her. I love all music. Mozart the Beatles and Pink Floyd I have always viewed as top of the list. I never thought any one could fit them. Until Regina. Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones. Love them all hugely. But they are not a Regina Spektor. Regina Spektor is a Beatle, is a Mozart. She is a one and only. One of a kind. Nobody like her. I hope so much that people object to this. I would so much like to talk to them.

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^ Anthony... I wish you would understand that thread. It's not discouraging at all to me. I find it very interesting to notice how some people totally disagree with me, and sorta have a different taste in music although it's all regina. And it's not "which one is better/which one sucks" it's which one would I play on my ipod at this very moment. Hate is such a strong word. I know you disagree with us who are posting in that thread, but when you use the word "hate" I get a little bit offended and feel like you think less of us. Why can't we ask eachother a simple question: "Which song do you prefer?"? We say we love Far more than Soviet Kitsch or Begin to Hope more than Far and so on and so on. What is the difference?

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^^I agree that the thread isn't something that should discourage you, Tony!

Personally, I play the game differently than Sweetness and some other Stixers! Rather than choosing based on what i'm in the mood to hear, i prefer to pick based on which song grabs me or affects me more over the years/in general.

For me, there are all kinds of "categories" and styles and layers to every song. I tend to group, for example, Making Records in the same "group" with Left Hand Song, and then Pound of Flesh is in the same category with Apres Moi.

But there are, to my mind, many categories, or "ReGenres" Roll Eyes and every song contributes to Regina's catalogue uniquely. So sometimes the game is pitting one song from one "ReGenre" against a song from another (for example, Making Records v.s. Apres Moi) They're toootally different kinds of songs to my mind, so my choice might be Apres Moi because it does its "ReGenre" "better" than Making Records does its "ReGenre." And better doesn't make it a better song, or even preferable if i had to choose which to listen to from one moment to the next. I adore both songs, and i feel super lucky to have my own take on what they're both trying to do. To my mind, Apres Moi is E.P.I.C., while Making Records is semi-autobiographical, morose, and ultra-quirky. Thus, Making Records happens to be a "quieter" or more "muted" piece, so when I compare them, Apres Moi wins out, because it's the "bigger" song, and i value "big" as one of Regina's most distinguishing and admirable qualities--something that sets her apart from all my other favorite artists, and her uniqueness is always a big priority for me in my consideration of her work. So i guess one of my arbitrary criteria is "which song better represents the uniqueness of Regina's genius as I understand it?"

Where you've expressed dissatisfaction is in the comparison of the two songs, because that might devalue the losing song. Yet, for me, Making Records is one of the coolest songs ever, and it moves me just as much as Apres Moi, just in a different way. Apres Moi wins the battle according to my personal rules that i've set out, yet you needn't fear, because i still looove, value, and respect Making Records! It's great, and i love everything about it: quiet is cool, semi-autobiographical is BEAST, and muted suits me just fine. I love that song! So in choosing "epic" as the "ultimate" criterium, I mean no disrespect to any quiet, non-epic song!

The most interesting comparisons are the ones that happen to be within the same ReGenre, such as Making Records versus Left Hand song, or Apres Moi versus Pound of Flesh. These interest me because now i'm having to question why i consider any two songs to be more similar than any other two. I am having to constantly recalculate my priorities, my definitions, and my attitudes about her music as a whole.

The best part about the game isn't answering for myself, though, it's reading how other people respond to the comparisons! When i see,

"bobbing for apples versus back of a truck,"

i think Back of a Truck is a hands-down victory. Of these fabulous, perfect songs, Back of a Truck takes me on a journey, while Bobbing for Apples "merely" paints me a picture. So when someone else comes along and says, "obviously Bobbing for Apples," that is interesting, and makes me question my "hands-down" answer, or sometimes reinforces it, but either way, it's good fun!

In the end, we all love regina for our own, unique, indescribable reasons, and none of us loves her work the same way as anyone else, and i think the game is a great celebration of that! Because a hands-down winner for you is the hands-down opposite for me, but we all just love the music, anyway Smiler

i probably just made your dislike stronger, but i hope that at least cleared up my perspective on the game? *hopeful face*

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Emma: I just recently saw La Fée. It was funny and magical and I loved it!

almostspotless: I don't think anyone would mind if you did. Smiler

About the Regina song showdown! thread.....

At first I never clicked on that thread because it made me a bit uncomfortable. I used to even feel bad when I would skip a song on my mp3 player because I thought in a way it hurt the song's feelings. (Silly, I know I was being too sentimental Big Grin) So a song showdown was a whole other level. I imagined it was like pitting songs against each other to fight to the death like gladiators! Ok, I mean, I never really took it that seriously. I just didn't like the idea of choosing one over the other.

I remember Anthony Minsky once wrote about how all of Regina's songs are indispensable. I couldn't agree more; I loved the way he wrote it. Like sometimes even with some of your most favorite bands/artists there wil be songs you don't really like that don't seem as important as others, but not with Regina. It's incredible how she can write so many amazing songs and every. single. song! is essential to the collection. So to me, saying "this song vs. that song" was like saying "Do you want oxygen OR working lungs? It's one or the other." I need them both!

It's like each song is a unique individual world and it's hard to compare them, just as it's difficult to compare people. It's hard to choose one person to beat another when they're both unique beings with different backgrounds, experiences, qualities, etc. that make them special.

On the other hand, I don't think people were ever saying "Oh I definitely think this song is the SUPERIOR one out of the two". Like Sweetness said, it's not like one wins and the other one must suck because it lost. I'm sure people don't view it that way. Even if you love them all there must be some songs you feel closer to, or one you feel like listening to right now more than the other. After reading Briana's post I think there are many different views on the game. People might just choose a song based on which is their favorite, which better represents its "Regenre" , or which they feel like at the moment...

Now I actually think it's interesting to see what people choose and what songs get paired. I like Briana's explanation on "ReGenres" because sometimes the songs come from completely different places and sometimes they go hand in hand. When that happens usually someone will say "ooh, nice match!" and I find it fascinating when they say "Obviously this one!" when they choose. (And I might think "Obvisouly the other one!") I think it shows which they identify with more or means more to them and it can show a part of their personality. Also I find myself rooting for a song when it has a winning streak. (Like the Mustard Musketeers had a good run.)

So Anthony, I think I know what you mean about that thread but I don't think it should be taken so seriously that you should hate it. It's just a game meant for fun that can actually be interesting. Smiler

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Emma: I went to the cinema a few months ago and watched Intouchables and everyone couldn't stop laughing! I love this movie.

I also love photography but I didn't know Matthias Heiderich. I don't love everything he does but some of his photos are really fascinating. Great find! Do you know the site Art Limited? You can find awesome artists there. By the way, one of my current favorites photographer is Robert ParkeHarrison. Smiler

And of course.. Good luck for your first day at University!

almostspotless: Haha, no problem. I reread my questionnaire for the first time today and saw that my answer for the "Who/What inspires you" was "Hallucinogenic mushrooms"... There's a need to re-establish the truth: I've never taken drugs. Razzer

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Anthony: Personally I don't take that game, the song showdown, very seriously. I think it's just about picking a song in the moment, which one you'd rather listen to at that moment, because let's face it, we can't listen to all Regina songs at once - that would sound really weird. It even shows something about the beauty of Regina's talent: at one moment, maybe you'd prefer Music Box over Baobabs just because the mood fits you better or you remember it better. And then the next time, you're really into Baobabs and maybe you'll pick that one. Regina's catalogue is so awesome and big, I'm really glad she can always surprise me like that. You can always find something new, or rediscover it. But thank you for being such an active appreciator who will stand up to defend all her songs. They deserve that Smiler

porcupine-ologist: Cool to hear you've seen La Fée, I don't really know a lot of people who have seen it Smiler I had no idea what to expect at the beginning, I thought it was going to be a conventional fairy-tale and then it turned out to be so funny and like you said magical. Some really cool (and absurd) moments ;P

Jordane/kaoir: Yay! Intouchable has become quite a success, hasn't it? Really deserved Smiler I hadn't heard of the site Art Limited before. It looks nice although I feel like black and white might be a bit overrepresented... Checking out Robert ParkeHarrison, he does some cool stuff with movement (like here). Personally, I'm on Flickr and sometimes I browse on the website 1x.com. It can be motivating and inspiring, but sometimes it's counter-productive for me because I just think there are too many clichés and some photographers are just so amazing, and that I'll never do anything as good, so it's pointless, blah blah blah. And that means that I have to avoid all the sites and just pick up the camera Smiler Thank you for the good luck! How did your university study work out? With the Master selection?

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My wording was combative. Sorry. I was in a mood. I have this thing about me. I get obsessed with things. I love defending things and people that are maybe a little behind the bat. Didn't happen for me so I pick out someone in life that my heart attaches to somewhat and do it for them. I know the site is innocent. It's all Regina lovers not saying any song sucks. I know it's just for fun. I know.

Who was the person defending me a little. That was really nice.

I get far too emotional sometimes. And let it show.

I still don't like that thread though. Smiler I love talking about why she wows me. That's what I come on here for. Why a particular song is better than another is just not fun to me. Every time I see it it makes me go eh. And it's popular. That I don't understand. Must be me. 'Ode to Divorce' or 'Samson'? Is that really fun for anybody? Horses for courses. Whoever enjoys it it's there deal and I should keep my critical mouth shut.

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