Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

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Hi! I've been lurking about for the last couple of days, and thought I should say hi. This is such a friendly, cosy sort of place.


Name or nickname: Mel.

Age: 27

Gender: lady

Orientation: hetero

Relationship status: single

Location: Sydney-side

Languages: English


Occupation: writer-type stuff (especially online)

Hobbies: academia

Interests: all the things! (but I read a lot which takes up most of my free time)

Political Views: liberal left wing

Religious Views: confused

Favorite Things

Foods: all of the very healthiest and very unhealthiest things. I've tricked myself into thinking that if I eat a block of chocolate and a bowl of steamed broccoli, it somehow all balances out. (spoiler alert: it doesn't)

Color: taupe

Books: any Tim Winton, Kurt Vonnegut, Fitzgerald, etc.

TV: Too many to list, but Doctor Who, Girls, Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, so lots of different things.

Movies: Shaun of the Dead is my happy place. Also, lots of Tarantino, Wes Anderson. But nothing too heavy, because everything makes me cry.

Music: Ben Folds (Five), Belle and Sebastian, Clare Bowditch, lots of Aussie Hip Hop my younger, cooler sister gives me, oh and this amazing singer I don't know if you would have heard of her tho', her names Regina.


Origin or meaning of your Username: A girl needs to maintain a little mystery.

First time you heard Regina: My sister lent me the Special Edition of Begin To Hope back when it first came out. I listened to it so many times, I had the whole thing memorised within a week. I don't think any record had ever affected me like BTH did - it was like the world was being presented to me in a whole new light - pure wanderlust. That album made me so hungry to see all the beauty of the world; to throw myself into life without fear. Since then BTH has been my go to album when I feel trapped or when I need to be reminded that there's a whole world out there beyond myself.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: What, ok, I'm going to do this without too much thought. Um... Baobabs, A Cannon, Braille, Somedays, Flowers.

Random fact about yourself: I'm eight units away from a Bachelor of Theology.

Who/What inspires you: Reggie, Kurt Vonnegut, being near the ocean, and the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling.

Best thing about last year: Seeing loads of amazing live music, including Reggie (at the Sydney Opera House), Ben Folds Five, and Los Campesinos!

Looking forward to this year: writing poems and standing in art galleries.

Oh wow, that was virtually painless! Anyway, hi! It's nice to meet you all.

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Greetings and nice to meet another Kurt Vonnegut fan.. I can't imagine Regina not liking him... and yes, BTH is a work of art.. I have used it mercilessly to convert people to Reginadom ;)


Hi R! I absolutely agree. I mean, Vonnegut and Reggie are so different, but in my mind they're the two word-smiths (for want of a better term) 1. who capture the human predicament in such raw, aching, beautiful imagery, and 2. who write works which are a produce of vast experience and wisdom - you know that they're not just very good with words, but that they have an understanding of the world which aches to be told.

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Name or nickname: Ava

Age: Not gonna say, sorry

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Location: USA

Languages: English (and Pig Latin ;))


Occupation: Not gonna specify, sorry

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, writing, drawing

Interests: Regina Spektor, The Beatles, nature

Political Views: Uh... I don't know...

Religious Views: Not religious but not an atheist or agnostic or anything like that

Favorite Things

Foods: I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.

Color: Blue & green

Books: Too many to name

TV: I don't really watch that much TV.

Movies: I have no clue.

Music: Regina Spektor (obviously) & The Beatles


Origin or meaning of your Username: "Spectacular" but with a "k." You know, like "Spektor."

First time you heard Regina: A few years ago- I don't remember any specific details.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Um... let's see here... In no particular order, All the Rowboats, Us, Open, Apres Moi, Machine... or something like that... No, I forgot Jessica, and Small Town Moon, and Eet, and a bunch of others... Gah. This is impossible.

Random fact about yourself: I can speak Pig Latin fluently.

Who/What inspires you: Regina Spektor and The Beatles

Best thing about last year: I have no clue...

Looking forward to this year: ...and once again, I have no clue.

Oh, hi, by the way. :)

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Hi Ava! Welcome! I think the 'favourite books' question is impossible to answer (or answer succinctly). So many to choose from! What is the one book you always find yourself going back to? Or the best book you read in the last year?

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Welcome Ava. 'Regina Spektor & The Beatles'. Beautiful repertoire you have :). My fanaticism about the Beatles would have never dreamed of putting someone in the same sentence for years, until her. And then when I learned how big of an influence they were on her, I thought, no wonder I compared. I've noticed that a lot of people who love Regina also love the Beatles. She has a 'thing' like they do. Of course they don't sound like each other, but they still relate to me. I get affected by both in a similar way. I've tried to figure it out. Couple of things I think are true about it. She approaches music similarly. She treats songs as entities all on their own. She starts and finishes a song as if it's a whole album, a finished piece of art. The Beatles did that. She's multi-genre like they are. She doesn't do concepts and she's not interested in one sound that's in all her music. I guess that's my favorite kind of songwriter. Since that's the way she is, I always thought that she should just release songs one at a time instead of albums. And give each one the same hype as if she put out an album. I mean who made up the has to be an album rule? Someone did? It would go with how she writes better. And she wouldn't have to do this every three year an album thing. Just always be working on one song and when she's done release it, promote it, include it in the next concerts and then go to the next song. No albums, just songs. All her albums sound like collections anyway. It's funny when an album comes out and the critics try to make sense out of the whole album and how each song fits with the others. That is not how she writes. I wish she'd understand that about herself actually. I know that's a bold statement, but it would be innovative. And that sounds like her. And it seems like the pressure would be less and it could be more satisfying. She could mix touring and recording more at the same time instead of having to barrel through each one when it's time for it. Just little bits of touring and little bits of recording and little bits of time off all mixed around together. Sounds more fun and healthier. And how cool to get a surprise new song here and there when your not expecting it. Anyway, sorry Ava, wasn't expecting to go on and on there :).

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Hi Ava! Welcome! I think the 'favourite books' question is impossible to answer (or answer succinctly). So many to choose from! What is the one book you always find yourself going back to? Or the best book you read in the last year?

Hm... even that is hard to answer. I will admit, I did like The Hunger Games (the whole series), but I'm not sure if it's my favorite...

@Anthony Minsky I agree. Very good thoughts.


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