Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

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Name or nickname:Ron




Relationship status:Married

Location:Landsmeer, The Netherlands

Languages:Dutch, English, German (and a bit Thai)


Occupation:IT engineer

Hobbies:Computers and listening to music


Political Views:Centre left

Religious Views:Atheist (praying full of sarcasm)

Favorite Things



Books:Millenium Trilogy (Stieg Larsson)

TV:CSI, Mentalist, NCIS

Movies:Sophies Choice

Music:Queen, Regina Spektor, Chris de Burgh, Kate Bush, Chi Coltrane, Adele, Renaissance, Peter Gabriel


Origin or meaning of your Username:Just my name and first letter of my last name.

First time you heard Regina:I am a fan of a Polish singer songwriter (Julia Marcell) who sings in one of her songs "And I sound like Regina Spektor at times".

So that made me curious about Regina (of which I hadn't heard by that time). When I listened to Regina for the first time I must have listened to the wrong song, because I was not impressed. About a year later I could not remember why I did not like Regina's music so I decided to take a listen again.

The song I just randomly selected then was 'Samson' and I was immediately blown away by the beauty of that song. I started to listen to more songs and liked it very much so I ordered all of Regina's albums I could find.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs:Samson, Genius Next Door, Firewood (I could not stop crying when I heard it the first couple of times), On the Radio, The Party

Random fact about yourself:I'm married to my Thai wife Jum.

Who/What inspires you:I get inspired by listening to other people.

Best thing about last year:Going to Regina's concert in Manchester (England).

Looking forward to this year:Visiting friend and family in Thailand later this year.

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Hello! I joined the forum in the Summer of last year, and whilst I'm still a hard-core Regi fan, I drifted rather quickly off the forum. I'm back however, and very excited - I've been watching old shows and listening to demos on Youtube all night, and shall be working my way through by entire Regi CD collection tomorrow in preperation for her Bexhill gig this coming Monday - it's my first gig ever, and the fact that it's Regina makes it a thousand times more special!

I thought I'd edit and repost my questionnaire answers -


Name or nickname: Dan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Relationship status: Single (and recovering from lovesickness - the first guy I fall for is straight, and I'm quite an aquired taste as it is, I think)

Location: Maidtone, Kent, England

Languages: English, and trying to learn French


Occupation: Student

Hobbies/Activities: Doodling, writing/reading, collecting vintage postcards and film memorabelia, as well as surrounding myself with nice, old things, talking in swish and sweeping around the house in something outlandish, watching old movies, crying + other hormone induced activities and pretending my life is some fabulous coming-of-age dramady.

Interests: Film (I'm especially interested in silent cinema, but you can't beat a good 40's melodrama!), art, history (especially social history, and I'm obsessed with the 1920's (I fell for the Jazz Age before the 'Gatsby' hype, I will say)), architecture

Political Views: I am supportive of the efforts of the Green Party of England and Wales (even though I can't vote yet), and am an entirely liberal person

Religious Views: Agnostic, near enough an atheist, not a believer in organised religion, but I'd say that I believe in the importance of faith

Favorite Things

Foods: Lot's of Italian food, pizza, pasta etc., cheeses, olives

Colour: I have no particular favorite colour, however I do wear a lot of navy blue

Books: 'My Mad Fat Teenage Diary', 'The Great Gatsby' (I often read non-fiction, fiction not enough!)

TV: 'Spaced', 'The Returned', 'My Mad Fat Diary', 'The Review Show', 'The Culture Show', 'Coach Trip', 'Gimme Gimme Gimme', 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23', 'Two Broke Girls' (slightly trashy, but funny) as well as animated, crude and often offensive guilty pleasures such as Family Guy and American Dad, + I don't mind 'New Girl'

Movies: So, so many! To list a few: 'Amelie', 'Cabaret', 'Pandora's Box', 'I Lived With You', 'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?', 'The Science of Sleep', I could go on, but shan't.

Music: REGINA (of course), my musical queen, her darling husband Jack, Florence + the Machine (I prefer the rawer, acoustic sessions, as on occasion their music can sound a little too overproduced, but still, it's great noise to dance about the bedroom to), A few Indie bands, Yann Tiersen (I'm in love with the piano), Paloma Faith (in my mind, 'pop' at it's finest), big-voiced female singers from yesteryear such as Edith Piaf, and I can't resist a bit of ABBA.


Origin or meaning of your Username: I couldn't think of much, so I went for a 'Consequence of Sounds' lyric, boring, I know

First time you heard Regina: On Youtube

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: So very difficult! Can I have twenty-seven? ;) I'll settle on 12, if that's alright, in no order -



A Canon


The Flowers

Ave Maria


Laughing With



Human of the Year


Favorite Album: I love them all of course, but it would have to be Soviet Kitsch

Random fact about yourself: I'm a commited vegetarian

Who/What inspires you: Louise Brooks, Bette Davis, and of course Regina

Best thing about last year: Meeting someone I would grow to love, or alternatively, discovering Regina!

Looking forward to this year: Nothing much, it seems, but jump ahead two years from now and I hope to be starting a course at Brighton university, so I can escape from my dreary, artless hometown and live amongst like-minded, arty people by the sea in a nice little flat with a fireplace and new friends - it's a dreamy vision, but It'll be my home, I just know it.

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Welcome (back), WholeOtherDaydream / Dan! :) From the posts I've seen, I love your writing style. It's very thoughtful. Have fun at the Regina concert tomorrow! It's going to be great. Say hi to her from me, I'm going to see her on Wednesday ;)

Oh, thank you for your lovely comments - the Bexhill gig was wonderful - she had a couple of her 'adorable piano mishaps' and there were some very slight technical difficulties, but that didn't deter from her brilliant performance. I hope you had fun at the Wednesday gig (Amsterdam, wasn't it?) :)

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Oh, thank you for your lovely comments - the Bexhill gig was wonderful - she had a couple of her 'adorable piano mishaps' and there were some very slight technical difficulties, but that didn't deter from her brilliant performance. I hope you had fun at the Wednesday gig (Amsterdam, wasn't it?) :)

Glad to hear you had a good time! She played You've Got Time there, didn't she? Lucky :) I definitely also had fun in Amsterdam! I posted a report about it in the Shows subforum if you'd like to read it.

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Name or nickname: Eeva.. what a strange name I know :D

Age: 14



Relationship status:Single


Languages:Finnish and English.. a bit of Swedish as well :)


Occupation:Well since I'm 14, school I guess. I did deliver papers with my sister and wrote a weird song about it

Hobbies: Writing, singing, playing the piano and occasionally jogging

Interests: I find philosophy and psychology to be very interesting, and I'm also into reading and finding new music. I would love to travel more, and see the world! And somehow, there's a part of me that knows that I have to do something music-related with my life.. it feels quite inevitable :)

Political Views: I haven't quite formed an opinion yet!

Religious Views: Oh this is a hard one. I don't really believe in Gods, but I believe in Religions. I think you should take the good parts of all religions, not the bad ones and live your life. If religions make you feel good and they don't hurt anyone, it's perfectly alright.

Favorite Things: I like expressionism art, friends, though I really need to spend time alone which usually means listening to Regina or The Smiths or any other awesome music, writing, baking etc. I also have a thing with records. I absolutely love buying records! Whenever I like an artist or a band, I just need to have at least one of their albums! Albums are just beautiful objects. Then there's dreaming. I love going to sleep and seeing what my unconsciousness has planned to show me that night. Dreams can leave you feeling weird or amazing, but I love dreaming.

Foods: Chicken Caesar Salad, hands down! Also some soups ;)

Color: I have a thing with the color blue. At one point I noticed that I have a whole lot of blue stuff. Even the Regina poster I bought from her concert is bluish! I love how it's right by my bed, it's like Regina watching over me as I sleep!

Books: Harry Potter books are awesome, can't deny that. I also really liked this book called The Outsiders, and My Sister Jodie. Those two books made me cry, I'm really easily moved. But I love it

TV: Friends!!

Movies: I'm not the biggest movie fan, but after I'd seen everyone going on about 500 days of summer in comments of "Us" and "Hero" I just had to see the movie. It was pretty good, I liked it.

Music: Well obviously Regina, The Smiths, The Drums, Lana Del Rey, Andrew Bird.. oh yeah, and I also adore Joanna Newsom's music, makes me want to know how to play the harp!


Origin or meaning of your Username: Lilyfloss.. I created the account on YouTube some years ago and it's a combination of Lily Allen and a book called Candyfloss.. very random, but I like it.

First time you heard Regina:I first heard Regina when I was.. eleven! It was around christmas time at school, when we had a substitute teacher I think. So everyone got to play a bunch of music because it was a fun little Christmas party, and the substitute teacher played Regina's Dance Anthem of the 80's. I thought it was intriguing, the melody, the video, and Regina herself, dancing around outside a house. So when I got home from school, I went straight to YouTube and I tried searching for her. At first I thought her name was Regina Spekton.. :P When I found Dance Anthem of the 80's, I listened to it again and again and again, and started to listen to other stuff as well, and fell in love with Regina!

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Way too hard! Probably..

1.Ode to Divorce

2.A Canon! That song is me.

3.Dog and Pony



6.Field Below

7.The Noise..

Can't decide but those are the ones that popped into my mind right at the moment.

Random fact about yourself: I'm really into waves, sea and water, even though it sort of frightens me.

Who/What inspires you:I'm inspired by everything that happens, random objects, phrases or sentences someone says.. music.. A lot of things

Best thing about last year: Hmm last year.. I can't think of anything too great from last year, but last month when I saw Regina for the first time was incredible! There was a paper with the lyrics to Uncle Bobby as a Auntie Regi version in the letter I wrote to her, and finding out that she liked it was unbelievable! Also when I mouthed "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou" to her after she had played how, and she mouthed "Thank you" back smiling.. I still can't believe it happened!

Looking forward to this year: I don't have any specific occasions or anything to wait for right now, but I'm waiting to see all the amazing and not so amazing stuff that will happen this year! :)

By the way, sorry if this came out a little messy!

Edited by Lilyfloss

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Thank you for welcoming me, Brumstix is so cool, I can't resist checking what's going on in here all the time now! Himynameism, so cool to hear you've visited Finland! Is the bread you're talking about rye bread? You know, dark and a little chewy but still delicious? :)

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The specific delicious bread I had was in some cafe in a shopping center. I guess it was like a plain white bread but it was soft and buttery and so good! I do love rye bread though! I had a lot of that in Latvia but none in Finland.

p.s. you wrote her an uncle bobby song version of her??? THAT IS AWESOME! :D

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