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Originally posted by Ксения:

Originally posted by lennonist:

Originally posted by Ксения:

I used to hear orchestra music that woke me up too when it got louder.

? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Smiler I thought about that too. I hear only music though (mostly violins and cellos), with no voices.

Maybe the demigod Muses were sending a gift as a dream-vision. Only explanation left, right?

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Originally posted by lennonist:

If you like Neil Gaiman, then when you have a little bit of time to kill, read this short story by him.

Just read that, it was great. I've not read any Neil Gaiman apart from Good Omens. I almost bought Smoke & Mirrors recently, but opted for something else instead. After reading the short story I think I will be going back for it now.

The best book of short stories I ever read was Getting in the Head by an Irish writer called Mike McCormack. It's fairly old (mid nineties I think) but worth tracking down if you like short stories and 'weirdness'.

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Name or nickname:Kimberly Anne (my real name) Kimmie (my nickname) Kim-Chi (my nickname for my friends)



Orientation:Straight but open minded to others

Relationship status:single (I'm only fourteen)


Languages:English, ASL, Mandarin Chinese


Occupation:student :/

Hobbies:Piano (10 years)


Political Views: Republican but thats really just my parents... I have no clue for now.

Religious Views:Catholic Christian

Favorite Things

Foods: Philly Cheese steak and sushi... but not at the same time Wink

Color: red

Books: I don't really like reading, cos I'm kinda slow at it. but when i do read, i really like Number the stars... its got a good story and its short, so i finish about the same time as the other kids in my class, even though im dyslexic.

TV: Sex and the City... my mom started watching it with me since i was little Wink

Movies:^^ same

Music: Regina Spektor, mostly.. but I also really like Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Young The Giant, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, The Beatles, fun., The Strokes, and I really love classical music.


Origin or meaning of your Username: My friends all call me Kim-Chi, because I told my best friend that my mom (who was born in Vietnam) was going to be named Kim-Chi but then it was apparently against law or religion or something like that, so she was only named Angilita. And so my friend started calling me Kim-Chi (my name is already Kimmie) and it just kinda caught on to all my friends. and the respektor part... well, thats kinda obvious. And anyway, I use kim.chi.respektor for everything!

First time you heard Regina: 2006, my older sister was like my idol and i would listen to everything she would, so she was playing fidelity and introduced Regina Spektor to me Smiler

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: 1: Us, 2: Genius Next Door, 3: Hotel Song, 4:Wasteside, 5: Two Birds

Random fact about yourself: I've played piano ever since i was 4 but really didnt appriciate it until last year when I (re)discovered Regina Spektor and I finally became REALLY good. I was born in september...? I guess thats relevant. :P

Who/What inspires you: Regina Spektor, Johnann Pachelbel, Bach (all of them), Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Walt Disney.

Best thing about last year: I got to go to Walt Disney World (for the ninth time) with my best friend, and it was her first time Smiler

Looking forward to this year: High School, sorta... I love my teachers down here at middle school...

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I can't answer all these questions. I am way older than most of you. That's enough for now.

But your screen name "swimmingpoolnoises" reminds me of this: Regina needs to find a day to re-learn this song ("Rockland County" we all call it) and finish it and record it some day. It really is a beautiful, interesting, and, sad to say these days, important, song.

Originally posted by swimmingpoolnoises:

did you regina fans know that you're kinda famous/well-known in my eyes?? your youtube videos, song covers, photos, blogs, etc. are posted everywhere online and i always recognize the same faces, screenames, and such! i'm the biggest regina fan but i don't think anyone knows me...haha so i guess i should do this questionnaire?...

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Name or nickname: Emelie. I've had a few nicknames over the years but now I'm just me.

Age: 20 in a month. exactly a month, I noticed just now...

Gender: female

Orientation: straight

Relationship status: in a relationship with the guy I want to marry someday Smiler

Location: lower right corner of Sweden

Languages: Swedish, English, French (6 years in school. I was really good at it for a while but now a lot of it has fallen into oblivion), Swedish sign language (passably), and then of course I can read Norwegian and Danish since they're very similar to my first language


Occupation: Working at a grocery store/post office, but am leaving in June. Want to study music.

Hobbies: Well, obviously music then Wink I play the piano and sing. I like running, reading (and listening to music while I do those two)...laughing, playing games. and occasionally I play the sims.

Interests: see above. plus languages, travelling, learning things, smiling at strangers,

Political Views: don't really have any. everything but SD

Religious Views: christian

Favorite Things

Foods: lasagna, chiliconcarne, pasta

Color: all of them

Books: Harry Potter and...so many others but now my mind is completely blank. I haven't had the time to read in a long long time. During my younger teens I loved Katarina von Bredow's novels and I Taket Lyser Stjärnorna(In the Ceiling the Stars Are Shining)/Glowing Stars.

TV: Grey's Anatomy, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Solsidan (swe)

Movies: Disney: Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin. Inception, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, Notting Hill, Pirates of the Caribbean...

Music: regina, Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs, Only Son (yes I'm stix-injured), Hello Saferide, Säkert!, Damien Rice. I had a period of Alanis Morissette and Paramore but not so much anymore.


Origin or meaning of your Username: one string blues. or well, I wrote different favorite regina quotes on my youtube for a while, and that happened to be the one when I joined the stix, and I never changed it again.

First time you heard Regina: 2006...? The end of the bth samson on the radio. downloaded the songs version. but didn't really discover and dig into regina's music until 2008.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: impossible. human of the year and virgin queen is up there anyway. but they're not my favorite two .

Random fact about yourself: I have a triforce of birthmarks on my left cheek.

Who/What inspires you: the really old really nice people who come really early to shop in the store I work in, people I love, beautiful nature, good music, being alone outside in the night watching the stars

Best thing about last year: getting together with my boyfriend (a few hours into last year), prom, graduating

Looking forward to this year: moving from this town to live on my own and study music...starting a new life in a way. and this summer. It's gonna be the best.

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These are so fun, I know very few of you will read all my answers but filling them out is somewhat therapeutic...

Name or nickname: Julie

Age: 22

Gender: Woman

Orientation: Straight, but labels are oppressive

Relationship status: Single!!!

Location: Boulder Colorado

Languages: English


Occupation: Political Science, Broadcast Journalism Student, also had an internship at the #1 Denver TV station

Hobbies: Yoga and Ballet, obsessing about Regina aloud to everyone I know

Political Views: Passionate liberal democrat, or even a feminist socialist in some regards

Religious Views: Agnostic, karma

Favorite Things

Foods: ANY seafood, but mainly Maryland crabs (i'm from DC) and lobster!!

Color: green

Books: Jane Austen, anything shoved in my face, just finished Tinkers by Paul Harding which was quite good

TV: Daily Show&Colbert Report, 30 Rock, Jersey Shore (yea really), everything EXCEPT family guy

Movies: does the Pride and Prejudice miniseries count as a movie? Also, Thelma and Louise

Music: everything from house to indie to classical, but NOT country or death metal


Origin or meaning of your Username: it was my AIM screenname in 6th grade, and I'm just used to it. I'm actually not crazy about jelly beans (any more).

First time you heard Regina: At my friend's house. He drunkenly announced "THIS IS MY FUTURE WIFE" and put on Soviet Kitsch. My life was forever changed

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE ... I guess right now Ne Me Quitte Pas, Folding Chair, Buildings, Bartender, the Noise

Random fact about yourself: had braces for over a third of my life

Who/What inspires you: strong women who do what they want and don't follow the crowd (ie Regina)

Best thing about last year: traveling..all through Europe, up and down the East Coast of the United States a couple times, New Orleans, and all over Colorado...SOO lucky...need more travel now!

Looking forward to this year: graduating from college and FINDING MYSELF Big Grin

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I'm Back!! =)


Name or nickname: Yesica, Yesi, Yes, YEEE or Idiot.. OH!! and "HEY YOU!!"

Age: 23 (Aug - 15)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship status: Single

Location: Buenos Aires - Argentina

Languages: English and Spanish


Occupation: Songwriter (www.youtube.com/yesiology)

Hobbies: Tennis, friends, food..

Interests: Music, Music, Music, Tennis, and Music..

Political Views: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Religious Views: Jebus

Favorite Things

Foods: uhhhh mmmmmm.. let me think.. I don't know!! I like all foods.

Color: Blue

Books: I love all the novels of Nicholas Sparks.

TV: The Soup, the simpson, futurama, The office <3 ..

Movies: Tim Burton's movies..

Music: Regina of course, the strokes, sondre lerche, Marina and the diamonds, only son (jack dishel), clasic music, Gorillaz, and much more..


Origin or meaning of your Username: Well, it's my real name.. jijijij

First time you heard Regina: My house, my room, my tv and I say WTF?? WHO IS THIS GIRL.. <3 <3

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: (this is hard) One more time to feeling, Human of the Year, Be like a Cloud, making records, on the radio. (oh oh..)

Random fact about yourself: I have weird dreams.. but, really weird!!

Who/What inspires you: Regina Spektor <3

Best thing about last year: I MET REGINA!!! *Sniff* I miss that day.. and I miss her..

Looking forward to this year: meet regina again.. and play my music in my own concerts. maybe in others countries..

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