Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

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Welcome to Brümstix! Big Grin

Hobbies: Lego building! (Yes, I designed all of those.)

When I was looking at the pictures, all I could think was "PortaportalportalportalportalportalportalportalCOMPANIONCUBEportalportalportal!"

I was also homeschooled, dude! Since after second grade.

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Name or nickname: Faith

Age: 16

Gender: F

Orientation: Straight

Relationship status: Single

Location: U.S.A

Languages: English


Occupation: Music (Hopefully)

Hobbies: Music, art, cooking

Interests: Music

Political Views: None

Religious Views: None

Favorite Things

Foods: Pasta,Pizza,Chicken Tika Masala.

Color: Purple

Books: Harry Potter, The Lovely Bones

TV: United States Of Tara, Adventure Time

Movies: Hanna, Where The Wild Things Are, The Lovely Bones, School of Rock....(Way to many)

Music: Regina Spektor,Arcade Fire,Gorillaz,Florence and The Machine, Orla Gartland,Coldplay,Foster The People,The Chemical Brothers....(Way To Much)


Origin or meaning of your Username: Song "Reginasarus"

First time you heard Regina: At a friends house on youtube Smiler

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Really aah cant pick ummm That Time,Happy Hooker, I cut of my hair, Poor Little Rich Boy,Dance Anthem Of The 80's. That was hard.

Random fact about yourself: I listen to way to much Regina.

Who/What inspires you: Regina Spektor, Orla Gartland, My parents.

Best thing about last year: Played more music

Looking forward to this year: Not sure

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Welcome Kate! I love the Artemis Fowl books even though I'm much too old, I still keep up with them. The eighth and final book will be out in 2012 - thank god. I learned my lesson about reading book series.

Glad to have you join, Ryan H.! I approve of your taste in singer-song sirens.

and hello Reginasarus/Faith. Great musical taste. I looked up Orla Gartland and she seems pretty good.

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Hey all, I just joined.


Name or nickname: Sean

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Orientation: Hetero

Relationship status: Single

Location: Ireland

Languages: English


Occupation: Student - English Lit.

Hobbies: Sport, Music

Interests: hmmmm, i'll come back to this one

Political Views: Liberal

Religious Views: Atheism/agnosticism

Favorite Things

Foods: unhealthy things like pizza

Color: ah now

Books: well I study English Lit, so there's a few, but I always say my favourite is 1984, Orwell

TV: Arrested Development, Scrubs, FOTC,

Movies: God help me but I love The Matrix

Music: Old stuff: Beatles, Queen, Hendrix, Floyd. Modern(er) stuff: Regina, Radiohead, Jack Conte, Franz Ferdinand, Gomez, Muse. I don't know where to put Tom Waits....


Origin or meaning of your Username: My 2 favourites from 11:11

First time you heard Regina: heard fidelity on radio, paralysed by "dat voice" kinda forgot about for a year, heard again somewhere and said this time I will follow up this angel voiced woman and thank fuck I did! needless to say, hooked ever since.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Back of a Truck, 20 Years of Snow, Making Records, Small Town Moon, Movies/A Canon (sorry that's 6)

Random fact about yourself: Born in australia, moved to ireland @ 7

Who/What inspires you: musicians, writers, hmmmm, people(?)

Best thing about last year: college

Looking forward to this year: might be going to mexico for college

I'll improve it later, it's late, sleep is calling me

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Hi-low all.

Just thought I'd jump on the Intro wagon as I haven't been around these here parts for quite some time :S


Name or nickname: Ajani or AJ

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Orientation: Hetero

Relationship status: Singleton

Location: Landan taaaan! (London, England)

Languages: Awkward English. Not enough Spanish to warrant seriously mentioning. But I will anyway.

And some Spanish!


Occupation: A bit a this a bit a that.

Hobbies: Tennis, ahht (mainly just drawing stuffs), eating, Cycling when my legs aren't tired. Ermmm relaxing...

Interests: Mind bottling things. Tennis. The mind. Science and the unknown

Political Views: Bit of a lefty

Religious Views: I'm a believer!!! of goodness. Agnostic I guess

Favorite Things


Colo'u'r: Blues

Books: Errrmmmm, The Hobyahs :S

TV: Hmmm... House, Grey's, Scrubs, Modern Family.. And I'm sure much more, my mind just has a tendency to sometimes shut down under the pressure of direct questions, no matter how simple. meh

Movies: Fight club, 7 Pounds, 500 days of summer, garden state.... and more

Music: Regina Spektor!! And everything else that is pleasing to my ears.


Origin or meaning of your Username: First three letters of my first and last name squidgemd together. Genius!!!!

First time you heard Regina: Can't remember the year...hey google wassup.... I believe it was a warm night on the 18th day of May in the year 2007. I tuned in to the witty Jonathan Ross show and there she was. An angel on a piano.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Don't. Make. Me. Choose. *_*

Random fact about yourself: My memory is frequently useless

Who/What inspires you: Awesomeness

Best thing about last year: Can't remember Confused

Looking forward to this year: End of year bonus Big Grin

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Name : Jordane

Age : 20 (21 the 30th of december !)

Gender: Femmale

Orientation : Heterosexual

Relationship status : Lonely (it remembers me the lyrics of summer in the city, poor me.)

Location : France \o/ (south)

Languages : French of course, trying to speak English, basic notions in Spanish. I know the Sign language alphabet too !


Occupation : Student (Master of environment)

Hobbies/Interests : Diving (It allows me to visit another world and feel free), mountain bike, hiking, music (clarinet), photography, reading, movies,.. I'm also fascinated by marionettes.

Political Views : I understand more quantum theory than politics ^^.

Religious Views : I believe in Nature.

Favorite Things

Foods : I love traditional cooking. Also, i can't live without fruits, cheese, sausage, french stick and.. chocolate.

Color : Blue. The colour of our planet from far far away..

Books : Hum.. I don't know titles in english. Currently i read a book by Boris Vian.

TV : The X-Files (the truth is out there ^^), The Simpsons, Malcon in the middle (a strong source of inspiration during my childhood).

Movies : Being John Malkovich, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, The truman show, Thelma and Louise, Life is beautiful, Human nature, Adaptation, The reader, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brazil, Moulin rouge,.. all the Miyazaki and all the Disney (Baloo is my model).

Music : I'm fascinated by Punk music. I often go in Punk concert with my best friend. In this kind of concert, you are free to do what you want and it's a perfect place to let off steam. So, i listen Punk groups such as The Ramones, X-Ray Spex, Ian Dury, Dead Kennedys, Sham 69, Patti smith,..

I also listen to The Beatles , ACDC, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Misfits, Metallica, Apocalyptica, System Of a Down and.. Tenacious D (Jack Black is so hilarious).

Some Rock'n'Roll such as Chuck Berry or Little Richard.

Some Folk : Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling,..

Classic music :Chopin, Ludovico einaudi..

And other i can't define such as Regina Spektor ♥ (I think she is punk in a rebellious way), the so talented Tom waits, Bjork..


Origin or meaning of your Username : Random

First time you heard Regina : This summer. I was on internet and I saw her name. I was thinking « Regina Spektor ? It's a cool name. » so i decided to listen to her songs. The first was Après moi. She is awesome and so.. human.

Top 5 Regina Spektor songs : No no no ! I can't. However, i like when she uses unorthodox vocal techniques and when she plays the chair.

Random fact about yourself : Somethimes i like to hide myself under box in the street to make people laugh.

Who/What inspires you : Hallucinogenic mushrooms. Haha.

Best thing about last year : See smiles on family and friends faces =).

Looking forward to this year : For the twentieth time, i will try to stay awake to see Santa Claus.

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Welcome, Jordane de France. ;P

I'm not so much into punk rock, but I do like your classic rock, folk and classical tastes.

Your answer for the inspiration category is ... beguiling.

Give old Saint Nick a pat for me.

Unrelated: Maybe I should sit down and finally watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' (1946) this year.

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Thank you lennonist Smiler

This forum is so cool, i'm glad to see i'm not the only person who have the reginaitis ^^.

Usually i don't watch old movies. Maybe i should.

Anyway, have a nice day !

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