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DylanFest 2011

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Originally posted by dentistgirl:

I so wish I could go! It was a blast last year. Alas I'm stranded in PA throwing a baby shower for my sister. Roll Eyes Someone better remember everything and report back to me! Wink

Somebody (we are counting on you, Aaron) needs to be there because Rolling Stone, which found our Regi in the audience last night, says she will sing "It's All Over, Baby Blue" tonight.

One of the greatest of all Dylan songs, sung by Regina. Somebody, please, record this. Please.

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Well it was once again another awesome year at Dylan Fest!

Here's the blurry video I got of Regina Singing "Its all over now baby blue":

Right before she started singing she said that she hoped she wouldnt fuck it up like last year haha.

I didnt get too many good pictures but here are all the ones I took:

There were like 5 photographers in the crowd so Im sure sooner or later their good pictures will surface lol.

Its kind of a blur who sang what and when, but im sure a quick google search in a couple days will clear all of that up. Jack got on stage and sang Isis, then halfway through the song Kristn Wiig came out and did the talking bits of the song. She was jumping around a kicking, she looked like she was having a pretty good time lol. At the end of the show everyone got on stage and sang Knocking On Heavens Door and They Shall Be Released. Adria Petty showed up and held hands with Regina the whole time they sang. Then after the show we stood around the back exit for about 45 mins and some of the performers were kind enough to take pictures with us despite their drunken states lol. And finally after like 5 failed attempts I got my picture with Regina! Smiler

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