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New song! "Pure Perfection"

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Didn't Regina say that another album is also in the works somewhere? It could be from that.

Transcribed the lyrics. Make corrections at

edit: haha, someone beat me to it. New version:

[lyrics redacted]

I don't want this thread deleted, so I retracted the lyrics, though they are still on tumblr at certain places.

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Wow! New thread definitely justified! It's like a breath of fresh air. She does still exist!

I think this is definitely musical related. (Sleeping Beauty premise involves fairy godmothers giving gifts to a girl.) But hearing this makes me even more thrilled than before. As I understood, she was scoring it to lyrics not written by her. However, in some interview she was debating about whether she should SING the lyrics or let others do it and just stick to the music writing. SOUNDS LIKE SHE'S SINGING, WHOOOO!!!

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