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2012-07-07 Regina in Super Bock Super Rock Festival at Meco, Portugal

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Originally posted by legerdemain:

Ladies and Gentleman..

I was very far :\ the sound's "ok" (lots of noisy talk around..)

the first 2 minutes are Peter singing with his orchestra, at 2:15 he notices there is a fuck up! LOL how Reginesque I thought!

then he restarts the song at 3:25 and the Lady comes in at 5:00

I don't think there was a real "fuck up." Regi was not present, ready or whatever, and they got to the Pasternak part and could not continue without her. The they found her and it came out just stunningly.

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^God, that's so brilliant. I like Peter Gabriel's version (after a bit of deliberation), and I absolutely love Regina's Apres Moi, so this combination is amazing to me! I feel like they should record that together, it's too awesome for them not to. Big Grin

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