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OMG!! New Movie featuring Regina !!!!

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what's that got to do with reg? She's not mentioned anywhere on the trailer page, and i don't see her on the IMDB page for the movie.

What do you mean "featuring?????"

This seems very exciting, i just don't know what you're talking about!! I'm confused!!

OOOOH, it features All the Rowboats xD xD

aahh!! COOL!!

edit: No, wait, i don't see that anywhere. i goggled regina spektor and pixar brave together, but now that i actually open the links, it seems that they're just showing up as top news stories on pop websites. Frowner There's no connection between the movie and the song.

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^^Agreed, i don't think it's fair to assume he was trolling, and in pianohero's defense, i thought the heroine was regina-esque. The bright eyes, a bit in the shape of the face, and the curly hair. Regina has dyed her hair a red color before, so it's not completely off.

Turns out regina's not in the film, but don't be so hard on him, guys!

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