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My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

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You inspire me, so i went to craft my very own masterful representation of ms. spektor. Now, don't be discouraged; though i rarely practice, some of us just "have it." usually, you people who study and work for your art tend to appreciate your talents much more than we gifted individuals appreciate ours, so really in a way, i quite envy you.

Anyway, here it is. You're going to think it's really her, because it's so lifelike. "How did regina get inside my computer?" you'll likely ask. But it's not her. It's just a picture. Okay, i've warned you...


not to brag, but this took me less than 3 minutes... Cool

lol! obviously i'm just kidding.

You're amazing, and you have a balance between a unique aproach and an accurate representation that is awesome! The best kind of fan art!

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RedRyder, I love your fan arts!!

However, I have to say that Be like the water, people. is much more talented than you are.. I mean, look at these eyes, these three hair on the head.. and the dress.. Oh my God this dress! This is raw art.

(Thank you BLTWP, I can't stop laughing.)

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Yeah! Smiler

Thanks for sharing, it was so interesting to understand the process!

Be like the water, people. : You're welcome. Thanks for sharing your art with us, it was an awesome experience.

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Hey guys! I've since completed another piece, inspired by her song Us


The mountain scenery is from the lyrics, "they made a statue of us. And put it on a mountain top"

This is another work in progress. I've seen a speed painting video on YouTube on this very piece so I decided to give it a try. I'm not a fully seasoned painter, when it comes to people, as you could see from the quality from my other regi pics. You can actually see how much better I've gotten comparing the older ones with the new pictures. Anyways, here's the process so far for the one I'm working on now:




Close up on the eye detail, which I'm very proud of since I've always had trouble with it. I finally found a good method that suits my abilities Smiler :


And now where I am currently:


I'm hoping to get this one done by tomorrow night. Thanks for looking!

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