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sweetness in my lungs

2012-06-28 - Peace & Love festival, Sweden

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Guys! She was perfect! Her voice! I had forgotten how amazing she sounds live. Front row of course :-) annoying girls to my left singing /shouting along without knowing the words or the notes. I managed to block it out quite well but I don't know how the videos turned out. Got some great pictures. She was smiling a lot. She seemed very happy, and she talked kinda much, I thought. My boyfriend didn't think so, but I guess that depends on what you're used to Wink I didn't get to meet her. But oh well. She was so beautiful! And pants! I will post more in a few days when I'm on a computer. (the stix seriously has to become more mobile friendly. This is hopeless) I got some great pictures and will post then soon! Setlist below!

Ain't no cover (video)

The Calculation

On the radio

Small town moon (video)

Blue lips

Patron Saint (video)


All the rowboats (video)

Sailor song

Eet (video)

Ballad of a politician

Better (video)

Dance anthem of the 80's (video)

Ne me quitte pas (video)

Oh Marcello (video)


Laughing with

The party (video)

Us (video) (I really missed the violin in this one.)


Hotel song (video)

Samson (video)

Hey I'm in one of the rockfoto pictures! Bottom right. But I don't look as happy as I was. The singing girl does though.

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So here I am again posting in this thread. My experience below (oh and I updated the previous post so you can see which songs have videos):

So we arrived at the festival 11.30. Got in at 13.00 as previously mentioned. I was so neurotic those 90 minutes. As soon as anyone moved I was all "What's happening? Is it moving? Should we stand up? Firstinlinefirstinline." About seven people managed to get to the stage queue before me, because I couldn't find it :P But I got a good place. The audience area was separated in the middle. We were in the right section. The piano was already out. No Steinway on the side though. And it looked kinda small. I managed to save a spot for my boyfriend who was away buying food and taking our umbrella to the car, because apparently I could kill someone with it and that was not allowed.

So the waiting began. We had crossword puzzles. Made some friends. Everything was great! I saw the drummer walking by us. Hard to miss with that big hair. Then (because of the hair I think) I realized I wouldn't get to hear Call Them Brothers, since Jack obviously didn't come all the way to Sweden for one day if he weren't opening. But hopefully next time!

The crowd got bigger. Right before it was about to start two girls who had worked their way through the crowd came up to us and was all "Pretend like you know us! Hi! We're gonna stand here now". I didn't see any harm in it right then and there. Now afterwards when I think of the girl (who remebered the polite-swedish-psychic-episode!,) who got these two (with propeller hats) right in fornt of her even though she waited for two hours, I feel kinda bad for her. But right then it was all regina love and they were all "I know all of her songs! Every single one of them!" and I thought they seemed really cool and happy. Now I think they were also a little bit drunk.

Then Regina came out! =) Just a couple of minutes past 16.00. And I was hoping for Ain't No Cover because I have never heard it live. So when she started singing it I was just one big smile and nothing else. I was so happy! She looked so incredibly beautiful! Very Lollapalooza/Bonnaroo 2007-ish I thought. She was wearing black pants and a dark blue top with a silver check pattern. Red lipstick. Her hair was so beautiful. Kinda Ne me quitte pas-video when she turns up the volume.

During The Calculation and On the Radio I started noticing the singing along issue. And I let these girls get these great spots and now they want to ruin this for me. Great. The videos of Small Town Moon and Patron Saint are barely listenable. But...hey it was a festival. Sucks that I ended up right next to someone who "knew all the songs" but put the "haha"s in the wrong places of Laughing with and tried to hit the "darling let go of her hand"-note when she couldn't and even sang along to the instrumental parts. That's life. I tried showing her I didn't like her singing. Covering my left ear and stuff :P she started singingmore quietly when her friend left.

By the way, regina started singing the high notes in On the Radio again. Like on BTH. You know at the end. The "on the radio" before the "on the radio uh-oh" part =)

Her voice was perfect. She sounded amazing the whole show. "How" really shows off her talent.

Trying to recall what she said in between songs... Something like "A lot of these songs are from my new record, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats, and I hear a lot of you already know it. That is very nice of you." In the beginning, I think before the Calculation she said "I've been to Sweden seven times. I've been when it's sunny and warm, cloudy and warm, (some weathers I don't remember) and now it's sunny and kinda cold." Which I really didn't think because we had been waiting in the sun for two hours. We were just happy about the clouds at that time Wink Then later on she commented "I think the sun got kinda offended that I said it was cold and decided to be warm instead."

She introduced her band in the funniest way ever. "On the drums: Mr Mathias Kunzli...drinking his water. On the cello Mr. Yoed Nir...gazing mysteriously into the distance... And on keyboards Mr Brad Whiteley...who is smiling, and now he's being serious, and now he's smiling and now he's being serious." She said the smiling thing really fast and he tried to keep up with her looking happy-angry-happy-angry. It was nice and very funny =)

Oh and for a few songs there was an old man with a cane standing on the other side of the security fence. Regina saw him and said "oh hi Seymour!" in a way that sounded like she was very happy to see him. He threw her a kiss and she threw him one back.

She forgot the lyrics to Laughing With at "the doctor calls" and stopped. Said something like "I could blame the jetlag, but I do this at home shows too. I bet in a couple of years I'll be able to upload everything into my brain...but then...I'll be a robot...and then...I'll have other problems" and a big smile Smiler

She also forgot the words to Hotel Song. I tried helping her by making signs to what word would come next for a while and I really think she was looking at me! I can't swear on it and I know it's impossible for her to recognize me, but I do think she was watching me and my little sign language session when she forgot the words a second time. I want to think so anyway :P I got it on tape but during her blackouts I totally forgot about the camera so I can't tell. Let's just say it hapened :P

After Hotel Song the band walked off stage and she said "Thank you for hanging out with me in my jetlagged state of mind. With all the smoke on stage and the lighting like this I really do feel like I'm in some sort of a dream." before she started playing Samson. The sing-along was massive. In a good way =)

Oh, the sweetest thing! During The Party, when she sang "Let's give 'em one more round of applause" we all started clapping! A big smile appeared on her face, she looked really flattered and laughed a bit. Then she carried on. It was a wonderful moment.

Unfortunately some of the synthetic drum noises (or keyboard bases?) didn't do well on my camera mic. All the Rowboats and Dance Anthem sound a little funny. Oh and during AtR she seemed to be having some problem with her in-ears. Like they were really loud and hurt her hearing during the gun shot noises. But no problem the second time they came along!

I was really hoping for Open and my boyfriend really waned to hear Après Moi. If those two would have been included it would have been the prefect show. But it was still long!

And as I said, she was really on top during this performance. She was so in control of her voice the whole time. So steady and knew exactly what to do. I was impressed. Her piano work was impeccable. And I can't tell you enough how gorgeous she looked. It was magical.

We tried clapping her back in but people came on stage and started setting up stuff for the next artist.

Afterwards I tried finding her. I saw a black tour bus behind the stage but it could've been Munford and sons' just as well. It was a Swedish rental. Walked around the fenced-in backstage area and saw a tent that said "Regina Spektor" through a hole in the fence. But it looked empty. I was afraid someone was gonna see me and yell at me so I didn't have the guts to ask any backstage-person.

Ah. That's it I think. Now I'm gonna go take care of my fever. Hope you all enjoy the reading and don't just think "WOT". It was mmagical and I just want you guys to get a glimpse of it. Love you all!

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I loved reading your story!

I don't understand people who sing/shout while Regina sings.. What a shame.

I'm happy you had a great time though, thanks for sharing! Smiler

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Gahh! Sometimes people can be so inconsiderate. Why do they want to hear themselves sing when Regina is singing?

But anyway thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed reading this, I could almost see Regina introducing her band smiling that big smile of hers and being funny. Smiler

Oh, the sweetest thing! During The Party, when she sang "Let's give 'em one more round of applause" we all started clapping! A big smile appeared on her face, she looked really flattered and laughed a bit. Then she carried on. It was a wonderful moment.

Big Grin haha i love this!

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