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Be like the water, people.

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Aah, so many awesome suggestions! You're right, Jamie, finals time is not a great spot to start looking into new youtube content xD

Raph: I used to loooove wheezy waiter! He's a charming guy, yet awkward. I don't know why i stopped Confused

My brother is into gaming channels, too. I think the newest one he's into is called "K Wing." He showed me a video, and i was cracking up. He and his wife are so cute together lol

porcupine-ologist: doo ittt! lol i think ze is one of the best vloggers out there!

I'll have to keep checking these folks out. They'll be my study breaks lol

Jamie R.: Tyranosauruslexx is cool: her sign-offs remind me of charlie mcdonnell lol!

Just curious, does anyone like Liam D, Michael A, or Alex Day? They are all in the Doctor Who bands with charlie (or have been at some point.) I really like Liam and Michael, but Alex annoys me Frowner He's arrogant and kind of negative. He can be funny, though. Plus he's good friends with some awesome guys, so brownie points for that lol!

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Originally posted by porcupine-ologist:

I don't really know a lot of vlogs except for communitychannel because my cousin got me into it, but like rainna, i will be sure to check out some of the channels recommended here as well. Smiler

That 'hard times' video from ze frank that Be like the water, posted in 'pictures and videos of interest' made me curious to watch more Ze frank. It was so funny. "Come on guys, Narnia!" Razzer

Originally posted by Kateateyou:

I love CommunityChannel as well Smiler I got into porno music/comment time once ;0

I never saw that video of Nat with the ukelele. Awesome!

^^You got into porno music/comment time?! Cool! Big Grin

Do you mind if I ask which video it was? Just curious.

Someone told me Natalie Tran was going to be in a movie so I looked it up and found this on IMDb. Goddess (2012) It says she will play a character called 'Helen'. I want to see it! (I think this is why she hasn't been uploading as frequently) Wink

The video I got in was 'The Real Secret'. (The second lot of comments, third one down) Ahaha it was a pretty stupid comment, but I got so excited when I saw my name... I remember when the your mum jokes were popular ahaha.

And yeah, it's been ages since Natalie has uploaded a video! It's been sort of erratic recently. It'll be cool to hear more about that movie though.

This isn't vlog related, but speaking of erratic updates, does anyone like Hyperbole and Half? I love that blog, my friend told me about it. But it's been ages since Allie has posted a new post. The last one was titled 'Adventures in Depression'. Oh god, it's so sad and funny at the same time. She ends with 'And that's how my depression got so horrible that it actually broke through to the other side and became a sort of fear-proof exoskeleton.' That was October of last year. I wonder how she is?

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^^(kate):I saw your comment, I love your mum jokes! They never get old (not to me anyway). Big Grin

I've started to notice whenever I mention Natalie Tran in a conversation for whatever reason I always say her full name, while most people just call her 'Nat'. I can't help it, it's kind of like a 'Charlie Brown' thing. Razzer

Anyway, since Natalie Tran hasn't uploaded in ages I've been forced to look at new things and I decided to look up Ze Frank on youtube. Ohmygod, I watched ALL the videos in his "ashow" playlist and he is a GENIUS!!! (wow, i have too much time on my hands)I would highly recommend his show to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Be like the water, people: At first his eyes freaked me out a little and I just felt like laughing because he would never blink! But i got used to it. He's awesome. Smiler

P.S.: Oh yeah! kateateyou: I looked up Hyperbole and a Half cuz i was curious about it. Allie's stories and her drawings are hilarious! I especially like the ones about her dogs and the 'God of Cake' one. At the bottom of 'adventures in depression' she says she's writing a book, so maybe that's why she hasn't posted in so long.

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