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2012-06-05 Secret NYC Show

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^^am i the only one who would want an explanation of her songs? I'm always happy to hear different interpretations, but i don't agree with the idea that an artist's interpretation is no more valid than an observer's. I think an artist's interpretation can be listed alongside everyone else's, just with an asterisk by it, kind of a jumping-off point. I wonder if there's a worry that interest will wan if she gives in-depth description or a "behind the scenes" look at the songs.

I wish every song came with a little caption, something fairly clear-cut. I can't stand it when people say she "writes about nothing," and "you're only making up meanings for nonsense." Regina's art isn't nonsense, so i think it would be cool to have just, like, 10-20 words alongside a song. Not always, "a song about blank blank blank," but maybe a "fun fact," like how Fidelity was named for "High Fidelity," little things like that!

Just a pipe dream, but it's mine. Smiler

I wondered about her dodging the album title question, too. My impression was that either she got the idea from someone else or the story was otherwise embarrassing lol! And on the subject of the title for Begin to Hope, i always thought it was odd, because it seems there are 2 explanations for the title:

1 is from an interview that said she "wanted give a little positive message to people even if they only glance at the record," or something to that effect.

The 2nd is, obviously, that she has a song by that title, and we would expect that song to appear on the album, but then it was cut from the track list. Confused i don't know. None of that changes anything, i'm just curious!

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Originally posted by legerdemain:

I wasn't home at the time FrownerFrownerFrowner and the reginapolis version is missing How and Patron Saint Frowner

Not anymore. Reginapolis now has the entire show, go get it!

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Originally posted by marjerina:

Hey there Stixers! So I got home about an hour ago, and I'm exhausted so this might be just slightly incoherent.

My last class ended at 12 and I couldn't leave for New York till then unfortunately. After some long train/subway rides, and also lots of sprinting places/running into people, I made it to the Youtube office at about 3:15. Serge had been there from 12:30 on, and he's pretty much the only reason I got a front row view (which I really really regret not giving to him, because he deserved it a million times over for being there for ages). We waited for a few minutes, and it was extreeeemely lax - in case this ever happens again, these shows have no regulation/security whatsoever. It was incredibly easy to sneak into the line/pretend you were someone's guest, and there weren't too many people.

They finally let us move upstairs to the room, and Serge and I grabbed some awesome seats. At this point I go into the bathroom being super excited and all lalala in my head. A friend I had met waiting on line and I were walking out of the bathroom when someone walks in. I however am the most oblivious, in my head person in this universe, no matter what's right in front of me, so when the girl behind me literally grabbed me by the shoulders and went "THAT WAS HER" I literally had NO idea what she was talking about. Turned around and of course the back of Regina's head ("that's myyyyy back of a head" Ok I had to) is walking in, and I did not acknowledge her existence whatsoever. We literally BRUSHED SHOULDERS and I wouldn't have had a clue (thinking back and talking it over with Serge, this was probably for the best - how awkward would my freakout have been when she was just trying to use the bathroom undisturbed lol). Also this was my not so good part of the night - I left my ring in the bathroom and never found it again Frowner Wah.

After that excitement, we just chatted with people around us, and then the show started!! I had a much different reaction than some of you guys - I really loved it (then again, I was staring straight at the cellist and was just mesmerized - have never been that close before, he was incredible!!). I SUPER liked that the audience was very quiet during the songs - probably cause it was live tv kind of stuff, and not an actual show. The sound was lovely.

The interview I didn't find too awkward, but honestly I didn't look once at the interviewer, or really pay attention to him (though I agree - interesting voice lol). I was totally glued on Regina - she was so sweet and adorable and smart and just awesomely awesome with her answers. We made eye contact once or twice (or maybe I imagined eye contact, whatevs, same thing), and I probably could have melted at the spot.

Then it was over and she disappeared. I looked for my ring for a bit, then went out into this lounge-like/waiting area where a few other people were waiting for Regina to come out. The crowd cleared really fast, especially after one of the security people said that she wouldn't be out for a very very long time. So I sat in a chair and started homework I thought I'd be working on for a few hours - of course in 20 minutes Regina comes out! I have a sneaking suspicion that the Google interns conspired to make this happen - there was about 12 people waiting, and maybe 7 of them were Google interns. Regina was so surprised to see us, like she wasn't expecting us whatsoever, but the Google people showing her around were all "OMG these are your most dedicated fans, everyone else left, aren't they awesome, etc etc". I feel like the interns and the security people led her into a trap... Lmao or maybe I have an overactive imagination. Regardless, she was very sweet as always, and signed everyone's stuff (even though there was a few (I thought) kind of obnoxious people who weren't really fans of her but had brought a million things for her to sign for their friends..). She signed my copy of WWSFTCS, and I got a blurry picture, but I was a veeerrrrry happy camper!

That's all I think - I'm going to go pass out. I hope the video goes up soon - I want to see how it looked like streamed/what happened when I wasn't too distracted staring at Regina and/or her cellist :P

I never responded to this though i meant to! It sounds like you had a great time! That's crazy about passing regina on the way out of the bathroom--I'm sure you and your friend handled that situation much better than i could have lol!!

tbh, i think i'd pull the same stunt as the google interns if i had the chance ahaha! I hope regina didn't feel ambushed Smiler

I noticed youtubers commenting about the cellist during the live stream, but i couldn't figure out what was so interesting. To me he looked like he was just sitting there, calmly playing. What was so interesting, exactly? I feel like i'm missing something!

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