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Regina as black widow!?

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^It hasn't. Regina's IMDB page automatically chooses the Soundtrack filter instead of Actress because of how many movies/TV shows her music's been in. It's still there as of when I'm posting this.

Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs:

Why hasn't the list been changed yet, if it's fake? Do the imdb people know so little about their site?

I was reading in the forums that the reason it's not just a simple removal from IMDB is because the IMDB people have to consult with someone who's working on the movie that can confirm or deny it. They don't want to prematurely take something down that's accurate just because it seems unlikely.

Originally posted by bum bum bum:

What was the video of?

It was a youtuber who produces videos about movie news announcing that Regina was in Iron Man 3, but they looked like a twelve year old and didn't really seem like a reliable source. Wink

(That, and they said she was in both Iron Man 1 and 2, so...)

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