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July 15, 2012 Crocus City Hall, Moscow

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Great! Thanks!

I used Google to translate the Russian review in French (ahem) and I read that Regina and Jack Dishel wanted to record an album together.. ?

Maybe Regina did a joke and I don't understand. I'm confused. Big Grin

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Set list (from the blog in Russian):

Ain’t No Cover

The Calculation

On the Radio

Small Town Moon

Ode To Divorce

Blue Lips

Patron Saint


All the Rowboats


Call Them Brothers (with Only Son)

Molitva (cover in Russian)

Après Moi

Dance Anthem of the 80′s


Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (in Russian)


Oh Marcello

Ballad of a Politician

Sailor Song


The Party




Hotel Song


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A VERY rough translation of the blog:

Regina Spekror, 16.07.2012 live @ Crocus City Hall.

Arrival Regina Spektor, I waited with impatience, did not think that one day she will get to Russia. A little surprised that not all were sold out concert tickets and those who bought tickets for the balcony, had to exchange them for tickets to the amphitheater, which in fact is in itself bad.

Performed the opening act Only Son, also known as Genia, who also, like Spektor, at a young age moved to the United States. He played it without the band, he replaced her iPad, which had been prescribed the missing tools. In between songs, Genia was trying to speak in Russian, but it turned out bad. In general, it is well made, mostly hear songs from his latest album, Searchlight. After 35 minutes of speeches Only Son left the scene.

After about 40 minutes everything was ready for the performance Regina Spektor, which was released under a storm of applause from the audience. Her piano music added cello, keyboards and even some drum kit. They were designed to add a song atmospherics, without interfering with the melody, which asked the piano Spektor.

Setlist consisted of songs covering all creative singer. In order to fulfill one of the songs had been invited Only Son, who, along with Regina Spektor sang Call Them Brothers. After that, Regina sang the song in Russian called prayer. But this, she decided not to stop and also performed Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) in Russian, it came very well.

In contrast to the Only Son, Regina Spektor is pretty good to say in Russian, gave her only focus, acquired in the United States. After the concert, the singer polutra time left the stage, but after a few minutes, a thunderous applause, came back and sang four songs.

It was a great concert from the magnificent musician, whose arrival was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for the great Regina Spektor spent the evening.

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I finally came back at home after a long trip from Moscow to Italy...

Jack was funny, he speaks russian badly as me - maybe чуть хуже :-) - Regina was amazing as ever... Great concert, of course, but I would kill the stupid that ruined "Firewood" the first time and tried to ruin also the second try...

I arrived at Crocus City Hall very early, maybe I could have stand close to the scene but I didn't understand if the Fan Zone was for everyone or not... How it works???

P.S. Sorry for my awful english :-)

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