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2012-07-18 Konzerthaus, Vienna

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I cannot believe the concert is over. I am still way too excited to write anything coherent. It was just incredible and surreal. Report is coming soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Unfortunatelly, no photos or videos from me for several reasons. One, I would have to use flash and I find that disrespetful. Two, a guy from security was looking at me the whole time, no idea why. And three, I wanted to enjoy every moment fully and absolutely and you can't really do that while holding a camera...

For now, this is what I remember from the setlist. I know these are all the songs she played but I can't remember the exact order, so in no particular order:

Ain't no cover

The Calculation

On the Radio

Small Town Moon

Ode to Divorce

Blue Lips


Sailor Song

Call Them Brothers



Dance Anthem

All the Rowboats

Apres Moi

Ballad of a Politician

Oh Marcello

Ne Me Quitte Pas


The Party


Hotel Song



Btw Eva, did you get to your friend's flat alright?

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Hi! Smiler

Wow, thanks for the setlist! I tried to make one as well, but I ended up not being sure about a few songs, haha. My memory seems not the best anymore. But I was so happy when she played The Calculation and On the Radio so early on because I was thinking of those songs lately a lot Smiler)

Now I checked mine with yours and we have the same songs, except that for some reason I thought she also did 'One more time with feeling' but I'm probably wrong.

Sadly I couldn't find any pictures online, the few news articles I read featured a totally different picture, please what?!

Are you at home, too by now? Did you have a good trip with your mom? Yeah I finally got a cab when it was already 1 am Wink and that was the best way to get to my friend's flat, I called her in her sleep and she let me in and thankgod, she wasn't mad :P We had to get up at 6.30 the next morning because she had to go to work, and I left Vienna for home pretty early too. I would've gone shopping but no shops open before 9 or 10!! So I was already on my way back home then.

Ohhh! Smiler) Have you already seen this video of 'Call them brothers'?? Just saw that it was there, I'm so happy...!

I gotta go now! All the best Wink

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