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a little bit of old info

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hi everyone

i'm able to share a little bit of information right now, so i'm gonna, since it's interesting i think. i'm fairly sure this isn't common knowledge, but if it is i look like an idiot rofl.

regina had at least 9 songs prepared for the demo she submitted in 1999. braille may have been the title track, but the fact that it comes first in alphabetical order is apparently an equally likely explanation for the evidence that suggested this.

the six from the demo:


chicken song

love affair, which dates back to 1997


school is out


and at least three more that she didnt use, two of them were



and then in 1999 two more songs, probably 11:11 outtakes

pyromania, which was on a 2004 setlist with school is out


not very much, but someone will probably find it entertaining. i'll report back if/when i have more i can post!

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Maybe one of these songs could be that song that we only have the short clip of, with the dancing umbrella woman? "Some people know how to walk on water, and others have to learn how to swim..."

Though from what we've heard of the song, it really wouldn't fit any of the titles. But who knows? I'm hoping I get to meet her after the Portland ME show in 6 days. I'd like to ask her about it lol.

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