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Avatars (Profile Photos)

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How do I edit/enter my avatar?

1. My Controls

2. Edit Avatar Settings

3. In the line that is labeled Enter a URL to an online avatar image the direct link to the image you want to use. Do not put any image tags around the link. When you are done entering your URL, click on Update Avatar.

How do I edit/enter my a personal photo?

1. My Controls

2. Change Personal Photo

3. In the line that is labeled Upload an image from your computer click on Browse and find the image on your computer that you want to use. (Make sure the image is no larger than 50 KB and is 100 X 100 pixels.) Click on the image and then the button labeled Open.

4. Update Photo

If you want to change your personal photo, click on Remove Photo first, then follow the directions above to enter a new photo.

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