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sweetness in my lungs

Lucky Brand + Regina Spektor sept 8 -12, Malibu CA

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I was just on google and found this show that hasn't been mentioned on here as far as I can see. I've completely missed it, so I thought some others might have as well.




There's a small interview as well and she mentions she and Jack started writing a new song together which is "really cool"! :)


edit: more!

“I haven’t played solo for a while,” she said. “I feel naked without my band, but the ocean is helping.”



PS. how to name URL's now?

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That looks really cool! I love that Joy Bryant was there, she's on the TV show Parenthood that I really love.

Awesome to hear she and Jack are writing more songs together. Can't wait :]

By the way, to give URLs a name you can write something like 'click here' first, and then select those words and insert the link. That way 'click here' will be the name of the link. Hope that doesn't sound too vague :P

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