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sweetness in my lungs

2012-10-08 @ State Theatre, Portland, ME

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My first post under my (sorta) new username! The board unfortunately seems to think I never updated to my current email address before the old board closed (though I have the email confirming it......), so I'm locked out. This new one will have to do!

But on topic! I am so lucky to have attended this show! It was a sort of spur of the moment thing, found out she was playing about a week and a half before the show, and decided to get tickets with a friend and brave the 2 hour drive up to Maine.

Not ONLY was the show amazing, but I ALSO got to FINALLY MEET REGINA AFTER THE SHOW. AHHHH. I died. On the inside at least. I even got a photo with her!

But to add to the coolness! I struck up a conversation with her drummer Mathias, whom I had met approximately 6 months earlier at her Boston MA show, and after talking for a bit, he invited my friend and I to follow him to a local bar, where we got to have a drink with all three members of her backup band before they left for Montreal! Words can't even express how cool that was, to be one-on-one with the musicians whom she interfaces with regularly, to learn about their own histories, their time with her, etc. etc. etc.

All in all... an amazing night. And The taste of Sierra Nevada Torpedoes will always make me think back to drinking with Regina's band!

I'm still pretty damn star-struck, to tell y'all the truth.

Me and Regina!!!

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