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2012-10-20 Riverside Theater | Milwaukee, WI

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Regina Spektor @ Riverside Theater, Milwaukee - Sat Oct 20, 2012

1. Ain't No Cover

2. The Calculation

3. On the Radio

4. Small Town Moon

5. Ode to Divorce (Regina: "This one's an old song, I have to remember how to play it" Audience member: "I believe in you" Regina: "That seems to work...")

6. Patron Saint

7. How

8. Blue Lips

9. Call Them Brothers (with Only Son)

10. The Prayer of Francois Villon (someone in audience said: "Spasibo" [thank you in Russian], to which Regina responded: "Pojaluysta" [you're welcome])

11. Dance Anthem of the 80's

12. Better

(she introduces the band at this point, Mathias Kingsley on the drums, some hard name on cello, and Brad Whitten(?) on keyboards)

(Regina: "You guys are great whistlers, I wish I could whistle like that, I'd get more cabs" Audience member: "You're good at everything else" Regina: "well....")

13. Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)

14. Firewood

15. Oh Marcello

16. Ballad of a Politician

17. Sailor Song

18. All the Rowboats

19. Open

20. The Party


21. Us

22. Hotel Song (no Jack Dishel beatboxing)

23. Fidelity

24. Samson

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some crappy phone pics... WHAT I SAW FROM THE CHEAP SEATS

pic of hardcore fans at the end, Regina coming out from the back exit, her tour bus, Jack's signature on ticket stub, Regina's respekt on her live album (that I won in an online Reginapolis contest that was mailed to me for free), and some pin buttons (4 for $5, so cheap)

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Thank you Robert for that blog post, really enjoyed that.

And THANKS SRG! That's really neat and interesting.

I got a brumstix hug Sugardrive from here! We met during the intermission by the merch table. She's so nice!

I didn't get the hug or picture from Regina that I wanted, but at least I got to meet her on the day before my birthday!! Made the wait out in the cold past midnight for her to come out worth it. :) I talked to a few cool fans and hipped them to here, so you're all welcome if a few new members arrive here.

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Uhhh... say what? I mean the girl's got some shit twisted.

an audience who clearly knows and loves the piano-pop chartreuse.

I mean she's colorful and all, but not really a puke-y yellow.

Her nationality was proudly on display tonight. She performed "The Prayer of Francois Villon (Molitva)" by Serbian singer Marija Serifovic to great acclaim.

For the record Serbia and Russia, not exactly the same. Also, um...Bulat Okudzhava. He's a man. He's russian. Just for kicks, check out

she actually referenced. LOL

"Blue Lips," a delightfully subverted hipster ballad.

I. don't. even. :blink:

it’s safe to say this girl will keep her music off of commercials for Apple products.

is it really THAT safe...?


Thanks for the link there were some good tidbits in there. I take great delight in picking apart articles like that, if you couldn't tell.

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