2012-10-24 Beacon Theater - New York, NY

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Time Out says:

Thanks to the ascent of ladies such as Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles and Christina Perri, the female quirk-pop field is a lot more crowded now than it was when Regina Spektor broke through with “Fidelity,” the oft-licensed semihit from her 2006 album, Begin to Hope. Yet one needn’t proceed too deeply into Spektor’s latest before remembering what an idiosyncratic talent she remains: On What We Saw from the Cheap Seats, this New York City songstress continues to examine the vagaries of life, love and art with an eye for the calm-disturbing detail. “First there’s lights out, then there’s lockup,” she sings on the disc’s spooky lead single, “All the Rowboats,” which continues, “Masterpieces serving maximum sentences.” To whom else would it even occur to write a tune about a museum’s lonely inhabitants?

Spektor made Cheap Seats with producer Mike Elizondo, who also helmed a handful of cuts on 2009’s Far; he brings a kind of sublimated funk to songs like “Small Town Moon,” in which a creeping bassline underpins the singer’s observation that “today we’re younger than we’re ever gonna be.” That said, don’t be surprised if she jettisons some of the album’s precision in favor of a rawer attack tonight: Last May Spektor played a string of Southern arena dates opening for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.—Mikael Wood


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I, too, am looking forward to tonight---very much so, I am not sure I know what a rawer attack means. I do expect, much as we saw at the United Palace uptown, that the live versions of songs from What We Saw, to sound really good with the Yoed Nir-Mathias Kunzli-Brad Whitely setup now even stronger after playing together all year. Nir's cello on NMQP really outshines the horns on the What We Saw recording, in my opinion. I have seen the recent set lists, but I suspect that, playing on her home turf as it is, we might get Ink Stains and possibly (oh, please) Laughing With as well.

Wasn't planning on going to this one after HIAS and United Palace this year, but cant let this go by in my old neighborhood, without being there. So I will be thanks to a miracle of sorts.

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There's a slight possibility that I might show up after the show. I'm going to be in New York to do something for my birthday, I haven't been told what (I might even be going to the show, though my Dad says that's not the case), but we'll be in the neighborhood so I thought I might stop and wait for Regina with you all, maybe. :)

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Jack Dishel

Sad to miss Petty Fest tonight but it's because we're playing the Beacon Theater! Can't wait :)

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Gotta love Adria...

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Set list...may have forgotten some songs and not in the right order...

Ain't no cover

The calculation

Small town moon

On the radio

Ode to divorce

Patron saint


Blue lips

Call them brothers

Folding chair

The prayer of francois villon

Dance anthem of the 80s


Don't leave me

Oh marcello


Ballad of a politician

Sailor song

All the row boats


The party

Us (encore)

Hotel song (encore)

Fidelity (encore)

Samson (encore)

I think I got them all. Def not in the right order. I'm so shot and on the train home. Met Regina before the show. Hope everyone else had as much fun!

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Even though I missed Jack's entire set and six songs out of Regina's, it was an amazing show! I teared up a couple times, which I'll totally admit is because there wasn't anyone sitting directly next to me...

I really liked the balcony seat the scalper outside the venue gave me ($20!!!!), and was very grateful it wasn't fake. I've never experienced one of her shows up their before, but it was really nice. :D

I had such a ridiculous, crazy, awesome, amazing day. I'll post all about it tomorrow hopefully. I would do it now, but I have to get up for work soon...

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A wonderful show and Regina was of course treated as a queen by her hometown fans... Quite an amazing event happened as I was waiting for my son outside the venue. I saw a gentleman videotaping the marquee with some fairly sophisticated equipment (I took a couple of pictures myself). There was something rather familiar about him and I nodded at him. He took a stop over to me and said 'You're Robert, right?".. After I picked my jaw up from the sidewalk, he said he recognized me from the Brumstix forum (luckily I had the same green windbreaker on.. who knew a small wardrobe was such a blessing?) and offered his hand and said 'I'm Regina's father!" We chatted for a couple of minutes (I grew up in the Bronx which was a nice conversation starter) and then he excused himself to go inside..

Only the beginning of a great night... Regina of course was perfect and I was (pleasantly) surprised to see the Only Son reincarnated as a full rocking band with live musicians and all.. I enjoyed their act more this time. My son was only vaguely familiar with Regina's work but walked away impressed with her songwriting and vocal skills (how could he not).

Anyhow, being a work night and all, I didn't hang around afterward, but the night was perfect as is...

A review:


more detail:

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