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11/10/12- Atlanta- The Tabernacle

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^wow that is actually a good, well-written review. Although that set list is slightly inaccurate. She played Folding Chair too. After Sailor Song.

Here's my less eloquent, more rambling take on things.

Soo…Atlanta. Despite being a really far trip for me, this was oddly one of the least stressful shows to attend. After flying down Friday night, I got to spend the Saturday at the Georgia Aquarium. I’ve really been wanting to go there for some time now, and I’m just slightly obsessed with fish, so regina gave me a perfect excuse. It was impressive. I highly recommend.

After eating enough to sustain us for the rest of the night, Aaron and I headed to the venue a little over 2 hours before doors. There were already about 15 people waiting, but we had the fast lane passes so we were first in that line. We had a nice stoop to sit on and the weather was prefect. There was a funny moment when I went to take a picture of the marquee, a couple passersby asked “what is that…that building?” A guy near me on the street informed them, “It’s the Tabernacle.” Blank stares... “ok but what IS it?” “A concert venue.” “Well who is everyone waiting for?” they pondered aloud. “Regina Spektor,” the guy responded, “see, that’s her on the sign right now.” “Hmmm. Never heard of her. We just don’t get out much.” LOL

Close to door time the staff shoved the general admission line back like half a block down the street which incited a bit of outrage. Honestly if the venue could just set up some more informative guides as to where to wait they wouldn’t have to preform ridiculous maneuvers with giant crowds. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure… Anyway, the 8 or 10 of us (farrr fewer than in Detroit) with the special passes were lead around the side of the building to some weird side entrance and were let inside. However, the venue layout was very confusing. After aimlessly stumbling about looking for a stage, we determined that it was upstairs. Although they had let us inside, they still wouldn’t let us upstairs, so, more nervous waiting while they were tuning the piano or something of that nature. Eventually they let us enter. I got a perfect spot. I was already super thirsty and regretted not attempting to bring a water bottle in with me because I easily could’ve (girls a few spots away were eating yogurt!). I deemed it serious, so I actually left my place at the rail (they hadn’t let the GA crowd in yet) and went to the bar to get water. They refused to give me a cup of water!!!! And they wanted to charge $4 for a bottle. Fuck that. (Oh how I would live to regret that sentiment… also it makes no sense to sell alcohol and not give water. I guess they want people just to keel over everywhere. Ridiculous!!!) I brashly rationalized risking dehydration, imagining that if I did keel over, surely regina would give me some water.

The stage had virtually no wings and all the equipment lay essentially bare at the sides of the stage. Hanging squares extended out beyond the stage overhead and giant organ pipes were incompletely draped with black at the back of the stage. It was an interesting place. Jack, with newly trimmed hair, took the stage for his ipod style set around 8pm. Holy cow, the speakers were set about 18inches in front of me below the level of the stage edge. So basically, all the sound was blasting INTO me. Which was not a huge problem, but the fact that every time someone, be it security or photographers or whoever walked/stood in that area it deadened the sound substantially. Not the best setup if I do say so myself. It’s fascinating how vast the array of sonic experiences I’ve had at all these different venues (Iike goldilocks trying them all until one’s just right?). The Tabernacle definitely failed to top my list. Anyway, Jack was in a good mood, possibly due to the awesomeness of Cirque du Soleil or perhaps because Atlanta was a really excellent crowd, then again maybe it was the whiskey. I enjoy Jack’s music a ton, and getting to see him play all these times is truly a great thing for me. I adore Kick ‘em Out. It’s such a good song, and his cricket jokes are always endearing. And, Magic, well I just can’t. get. enough. The word “com-bi-na-tion” in that song makes my spine tingle, like I’m being lifted or actually getting taller, lighter. I don’t know. In my opinion, to be frighteningly honest, it rivals everything as best sonic moment of the night. Just sayin’

Between sets, we watched a tiny camera being set on the floor, presumably to record the show. The same guy also prepared a larger serious-looking cam and took some audience and stage footage. At 9:30, regina made her entrance wearing a particularly awesome, slightly militaristic-looking, long-sleeve green shirt with gold buttons and puffy wristlets, black pants and shoes and fresh red nail polish. The applause was impressive and extensive, and though it ceased as she began Ain’t No Cover, the song would be interrupted several times by irrepressible bouts of clapping which, despite being surprising and unconventional, were far more endearing than annoying. The deadly DSLR photographers were out in full-force during The Calculation, On The Radio and Small Town Moon. Though not as utterly outrageous as in Detroit, they were annoying to say the least. I feel like The Calculation- it’s the first song, it’s fun and light and loud and On The Radio is also loud and singalong-y and they can both handle 10,000 camera clicks, but Small Town Moon suffers big time. It’s a more quiet and reflective type song, but she plays it LOUD and with angry stomps because of the annoying click-happy camera people. It’s distracting for her and us. Oh the irony of the line, “I wish you wouldn’t’ve broke my camera” when all you want to do is break cameras. It was the absolute best when she finished Small Town Moon and looked down in my general direction (which was slightly to the right of the camera people) and pursed her lips tightly, inhaling and widening her eyes with subtle exasperation as if to say, “I kind of want to kill them now. why are they so oblivious to that fact?! Oh yeah, and why are they STILL taking pictures of my face?!” Even though it was only seconds, it felt like a much longer, much more interminable moment before the camera people made a motion to exit. Regina waved/shoed them a firm goodbye (and don’t come back!) and they finally went. For at least the next 4 songs I just kept seeing that face she made and completely cracking up.

She was definitely sick, even coughing a bit. Her voice actually cracked on the word Lies, during Patron Saint. It was minor, hardly noticeable, but I think it was the first time in my life I ever heard it happen. Still, everything was fine. She sounded fine, but she kept making the “this sounds bad” or possibly the “I’m in pain” face (I’m not entirely sure which), throughout the show. The audience was very well behaved, but did sing along a lot. It was the good kind of singalong where the room is just filled with one united voice. It was nice. Regina seemed to think so, she was smiling about it even during Blue Lips. Also, during Blue Lips, when her right hand crosses over the left, she made an unusually concerted effort to hit the key, complete with this slightly smug “take that” look on her face. It was peculiar, but adorable nonetheless.

It was somewhere around Call them Brothers when I starting to feel serious regret for not buying stupid $4 water. As regina went to do The Prayer, I was contemplating what would happen if I threw up. I would *have* to do it OVER the barricade. That would obviously be the most practical, but vomiting towards regina…hmm, not so ideal. I was hot, shaky, mildly nauseous, and as time continued my mouth started feeling kind of numb. I felt like I actually MIGHT keel over. Nope, I did not want any part in that “fun” scenario of regina having to rescue me that I’d imagined earlier. I don’t know if it was just heat and lack of water or the fact that I had taken 2 off-brand excedrine (I normally only take 1) to combat my splitting headache before the show or what, but I was not doing so well (at least my head didn’t hurt…lol). I don’t know why I was so worried. I’ve only thrown-up once in the last 12 years and I’ve NEVER fainted. I sure as hell wasn’t about to start then.

I guessed regina wasn’t feeling so great either as she did some deliberate swallowing and nose sniffing, as well as basically letting the audience sing the giant “SOLO!” in Dance Anthem while she mouthed along. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t stop her from smiling a whole lot and being really impressed with the love the audience was putting out there. During Ne Me Quitte Pas, people were again very into the singalong and it sounded good. Regina was all smiles as the audience joined her in repeatedly expressing love for “Paris in the rain.” Not long after that, I was basking in the greatness of the Ballad of a Politician intro, deluding myself into thinking I felt fine, when a wave of turmoil erupted behind me. I turned to see that a small opening had been sliced in the crowd where a guy, about 2 rows behind me, had passed out. He was only on the ground for a moment before he got up and rapidly stumbled through the crowd off to the right. People were understandably shaken up, but regina continued, totally unaware. That incident only served to fuel my paranoia, I was going to be next…oh no, no, nooooo. Another minute into the song and security rushed across to the left side to obtain the EMTs to attend to the kid. I felt hot and irrationally panicky. I instantly hated myself for thinking it, but I wanted regina to hurry up. The only thoughts on my mind were water and air, oh, and sitting down. Overcome by another flush of heat at the beginning of Folding Chair, I had the brilliant idea to strip down to just the tank top I had on. That helped considerably. Mercifully it gave me enough of a second wind to enjoy the rest of the show, including the way she’s taken to singing “Just” in “j-uhh-uhhh-uuhssst come and open up your folding chair” where the tempo picks up. With that word, the song hangs in the balance and she’s in control. Is it going to snowball down into speed and drums? Maybe, but it won’t happen before she gives that word every ounce of perfection.

Meanwhile, regina’s camera guy had planted himself right in front of me for a few songs zooming in extensively on her hands and then her face. I wonder what all this footage is for? Open was beautiful as it always is these days. Plus, thinking about snow is what I needed to be doing if I was actually going to continue standing there dehydrating in that oven of people. Regina made her only extraneous comments of the night, explaining how amazing Cirque du Soleil Totem had been, before playing The Party. The audience applauded during The Party, but I didn’t expect any less from this crowd. Still, it was nice. Regina took it in smiling widely, stopping the song for a few seconds before continuing to sing through her smile.

The encore break was short and she returned to play Us, Fidelity, Hotel Song, and Samson. She generally always looks happy through the encore, when people completely cut loose and sing, but she really seemed to be reveling in it this night. So despite coughing and drinking 2 entire bottles of water she was still giving us everything (the way she always does) and a little more. I’m not sure if Atlanta just loves regina, or if it’s their southern hospitality, or if they are all just good singers, but there was definitely something special happening in that room. After Hotel Song, she waved at us. It makes me feel good to know that my smiling face there means something. Finishing out with Samson, she played slowly and deliberately, taking in the whole singalong. Although, not everyone was a good singer; a guy behind me enunciated poorly and the line “they’re just old lights” came out sounding like, “they’re just old LICE.” It cracked me up. At the end she stood accepting the lengthy thunderous applause with a lot of “WOW!” and “Thank You!” Even her disappearance off the stage did not halt the applause for some time.

Stupid Tabernacle and their $4 water. In the end, I HAD to have it. After chugging water and sitting downstairs in the INSANELY long merch line for like an hour I felt fine. Oddly, there was no line for the bathroom. At least I could be impressed with something about this venue, haha. After saying Hi to Jack, we headed outside. There were not as many people waiting there as I’d expected. The regina camp had two entirely different tour busses than before, and there was some issue about needing to move a bus to load stuff into the truck or something, which I did not fully comprehend since all the stuff was outside and the truck seemed to be accessible, but eh, what do I know? There was talk of regina being sick and not coming out, but when her tour manager got on the bus and sat down, instructing the driver, I knew it wasn’t promising. They drove away leaving all the equipment for everyone else to deal with. Luckily, this night it was a nice 3 minute walk back to the hotel for me instead of a lengthy multi-hour drive somewhere.

Only Son


<---sorry i cut off a teensy bit at the end.

(a little cute part at the beginning)

<---see 0:59

<-- with talking










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Great review DentistGirl!! And it's very cool that you got all of that video, awesome to look back at the concert again. I'm sorry you felt bad during the show, I know that feeling, and that's never fun. I was getting a headache at the end of the show due to lack of water, and not wanting to lose my spot to go get some. Glad you still enjoyed the show though.

It was a great show, got there about an hour and a half before the doors were supposed to open, so about 2 hours before they actually opened, lol. Got a decent spot to the left of the stage, not on the rail, but close enough to be really envious of the people on the rail, but when Regina came on that didn't matter much, and I had a great view of the stage. It was an awesome show, Regina was on point, the crowd was great, like you said the singing along by the crowd didn't annoy like it usually does, but enhanced the experience, it was awesome. I think Regina really enjoyed this show, hopefully she'll come back more frequently considering this is the first time she's been here in 3 something years. Stood in that stupid long merch line almost falling down the stairs a few times, and got some good stuff, two posters and a sticker pack, all really cheap too. Glad I didn't stay afterwards now knowing she didn't come out, like I said I had a headache and just didn't feel like standing up any longer, and I had about an hour drive ahead of me.

Overall, a wonderful night, my first time seeing Regina live, and it was just amazing. Regina was awesome, great crowd, great spot in the crowd, easy parking, one of my favorite venues, and she played nearly two hours. The only thing else I can say is I can't wait to see her again! :D

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Thanks Lacrimosa. I got a good camera just because of this tour. I feel like if i'm going to the effort to get a perfect spot i should make the most of it and share the love with everyone who can't be there or even can't be exactly where I am standing. She seems to hit Atlanta pretty regularly and considering how magical that night seemed I'm sure it'll be on the list again. (=

does she take these floating paper thingy's everywhere she goes? Is that HER stage sit up? Must be, they're at every concert.

She sure does. Depending on the venue there are more or less of them each time.

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