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2012.11.05 Bass Concert Hall Austin, TX

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Thanks for the details GreenStandsFor Love! The aftershow chaos can really suck, but don't let it bring you down. Reg is the best, people are just ridiculous and out of control. Every now and then I try to get something signed or a pic, but mostly I just stand there and try to be supportive in whatever way I can. I want to her feel loved and appreciated, you know, not like a piece of meat.

Was that said? Who was it directed at? I didn't hear it!

No, no. It was when we were outside. Some guys who were standing out there talking to each other. Loudly...

I'm gonna comment in this thread even though it's not directly pertaining to my question, but how often does Regina tour? In other words... when am I gonna be able to see her!?

Begin to Hope era saw a virtually neverending tour schedule. (unfortunately i didn't take enough advantage of!) Lately though she seems to make a ton of trips to the UK, does a fair amount of shows in NY/northeast area and makes it around the US maybe once every 2 years. The future touring schedule probably depends heavily on whether she jumps into making another album or some other project right away after this year or not.

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