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New music we should all hear

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This guy is a stixer. He doesn't post much. I met him at McCarren. He sent me this note and after checking out his new song, I am blown away.

Hey guys,

I wrote/recorded a new song called "Waltz in Eb Major (Morning Thoughts)". It's now up on MySpace. Out of all the songs I've ever recorded, I think this has to be my favorite one. It's sounds like a mix of The Beach Boys and Mozart. I hope you like it.

Leave comments on my Wall or write me a message letting me know what you think!

Thanks and have a great summer!


Check Chris out and leave him some love if you're inclined...

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Charlie Winston. British singer songwriter who seems to be huge in France, but nowhere else. I think he's really great and worth checking out. Big Grin

Like A Hobo

Kick the Bucket

In Your Hands

My Life As A Duck

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Hey good call on both of those, bum bum bum and BIG TUNA.

One group I think we should all hear is Kokusyoku Sumire. They're new to me, but have four albums. Although every band claims that its music is unique, Kokusyoku Sumire's really is. My first description of them on was "Harajuku Operetta", then "Japanese Klezmer". On their website they describe themselves as "Gothic Lolita Opera". It's worth watching the gorgeous viddos for the costumes and visuals alone! Here are links to four of their songs:

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