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New music we should all hear

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Originally posted by Lilly:

Imogen Heap! Big Grin About her upcoming album:

She's amazing

thank you so much for posting that. i was beginning to wonder when her next album would drop.

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Two new wonders I've just found and started to love. Both Finnish so I doubt they've been mentioned before:


When you feel bad or ecstatic or need something happy and beautiful, somethong that makes you feel like you can dance all your trouble away and do anything you want. It certainly makes me feel like that.


Totally strange, totally beautiful. She paints sceneries with her music. A fantastic voice.

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If you're into sort of neo-classical chamber music then check out Fifths of Seven. They're very good. I don't usually listen to classical music but I'm a huge Spence Krug fan (he's one of the members) so I checked it out. Good decision.

So other Spencer Krug creations:

Wolf Parade (which was mentioned way back somewhere in this thread)

Sunset Rubdown (my favorite band)

Swan Lake

also i posted about this is the "What are you listening to now?" thread but The Rural Alberta Advantage (RAA) are really freaking good. As good as straight up indie rock can get. Their album Hometowns is very much like Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, so if you're into that you'll like this.

Other assorted bands that I don't think have been mentioned:

Frightened Rabbit - Scottish indie rock band. Totally kicks ass.

Islands - very fun little band. Check out the songs "Rough Gem" and "Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby"

Los Campesinos! - Also Scottish. Punkish but very fun and light.

Ra Ra Riot - some fun '80s inspired pop songs. Good stuff.

The Shins - this has probably been mentioned and even if it hasn't most people probably know them already but whatever. They're good.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - pretentiously long name, very Shinsy. Pretty good.

St. Vincent - She's already been mentioned but it's worth saying again because Actor is one of the best albums I've heard in a very long time.

Those Dancing Days - Swedish all girl indie pop band that I heard about because somebody on here linked to a video of them being interviewed on yootoob because reg could be heard performing in the background Smiler. but they're fun.

City Center - some really trippy noise with splashes of pop coming out from under the haze sporadically. It's very interesting.

Andrew Bird - he's probably been mentioned but anyways he's really good and very talented. And I wish I could whistle.

Beirut - he's probably been mentioned too but it's really cool stuff that gets influences from Eastern Europe, Mexico, France, everywhere.

and finally Blind Pilot - acoustic duo who play really sweet, fun little songs with some very nostalgic lyrics. I like them a lot.

Yeah that's it for now.

Edited for boldedizationing...

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