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First concert review from Mexico

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This is translated from the Spanish via Google Chrome, which explains the awkward wording and gender switching:

"Since appearing on the scene of Tajín Summit in niche music, Regina Spektor had a warm welcome from the cheering audience shouting his name.

"Mexico, Mexico, Mexio" Russian corresponded with remarkable leaps and emotion, adding "Thank you."

With a simple outfit consists of mid-calf leggings and a bright blouse, ripped the singer a cappella concert with "Is not no cover."

People overflowed emotion with each movement of the artist who took over the piano and thanked again the euphoria of his followers.

With "The calculation", Spektor piano merged with its sliding their hands on it as if through touch the notes obtain a special touch.

The excited audience kept screaming the name of the star whose face reflected an emotion that transcended almost to tears by the connection so deep that it gave to the present.

At the end of "On the Radio" were projected images of the huge public screen that stood on stage and turn and smile after the singer said "Yo I can hear very well on all sides."

Then followed with "" Small Town Moon "," Patron saint "and" How ".

At the end of "All the rowboats" the concert was their suspended by the fire that started ten minutes before the Totonac village inside the theme park "Takilhsukut" done the show was done.

Regina looked where the flames were located, launched the microphone and hastily left the stage.

After quelling the flames and no casualties were reported resumed that preceded the concert of The Pet Shop Boys who closed the second day of the Summit Tain with a powerful concert performance, projections, lasers and much euphoria of people."


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Wow that made me emotional. Mexico loving Regina. Or should I say Ray-gina. Funny what a little tiny female creature can do to a bunch of people. I haven't said it in a while, but she is just so special. And I am so appreciative that it's not just me that gets it. That's what makes me emotional when I hear the cheers in this video. To love Regina is not like people going nutso over some pop music person. She's an acquired taste. Pop music is fun and catchy and I like it here and there, but it's not very intellectual. And I'm not saying music has to be all smart. Fun and dancy and simple is some of my favorite music. But truthfully, that kind of music is in that category and that is fine, but it has no staying power with me. And then there's music that's interesting and art and intelligent and great and you want to know all about the artist and why the words and why the structure of the music and it's like a study. Regina's talent is art put to music. And it is so satisfying.

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I attended this concert, it's like 45mins away from home. As you can see at the video of the concert start, she was so adorable. I didn't know a lot about her until I found out she was coming to the festival. I YouTube'd her and boom, instant click.

I don't know if I've been affected by plastic pop culture, but I thought she was unknown around here, so when one of the openers of the festival concert said "Are you guys ready for the Pet Shop Boys?" the audience clapped and screamed; but when she said "And are you ready for Regina Spektor?", and the audience went nuts, I couldn't believe it.

That singer left the stage, and it was around 15 minutes of nervousism on who was going to be the first act. I always thought Regina would be the first, since the best-known were the PSB, but after the audience reaction, I had my doubts.

So, then, the drums unveiled a Regina Spektor logo and we all got really excited, but it wasn't until 3 or 4 people carried the piano to the middle of the stage that I understood what was about to experience.

Then goes the video of the beginning of the concert.

The setlist I experienced was: Ain't No Cover, The Calculation, On the Radio, Small Town Moon, Patron Saint, How, All the Rowboats and Blue Lips.

When Blue Lips started, I noticed several people in the audience and their worried faces looking back, I turned to my left-back and see the not-to-far away huge flames.

Everybody started wondering what was going on, something clearly not normal. Some people started to leave and I was afraid it would cause panick.

The song ends, she says that the Tajin pyramids were beautiful, and proceeds to introduce Only Son. Someone backstage apparently told her what was going on, dropped the mic and left. Crowd panicks.

I hated when I heard a woman screaming "We all have to leave!! The whole place is going to explode!" Of course not helping at all. Eventually, some of the friends I went with told me they wanted to leave, then we heard the exits were blocked for security or something (I guess someone thought the fire had been on purpose), but in a couple minutes we learned the exits had been opened, we left, and on our way we saw the huge flame, it was honestly pretty cool. Intense, but cool.

Police, firemen, ambulances started to arrive and a lot of people left, so we did. When I got home I saw the news and they said the fire had been controlled and the concert had continued. I don't know how many songs I missed, but the fact that I saw her live is something I'll never forget. :D

I've attached a pic of Regina and the screen capturing the audience.


This is my first post, by the way.

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