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Stockholm Music and Arts

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damn; all I need is to win the lottery, and get a passport, and I'm there! :o

BTW I would also love to see Prince and Rodriguez; for those not familiar with the latter, I recommend the excellent documentary 'Waiting for Sugarman'

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This show was breathtaking. Regina seemed to really enjoy herself and I’m so happy that I got to be there!

So I went with a friend this time, she is half-way infected with reginitis I would say. She and I got to the festival area a bit after two o’ clock, when it opened. When we went in we were really surprised with how small it was. There was only one stage! Stockholm Music and Arts is situated on an island so it was right by the water. Jack posted a picture of their backstage area on fb so you can look there if you want :)

Regina was scheduled to play at 22.30 (10:30…pm?). Some jazz band was playing and the crowd in front of the stage was sparse. People were sitting down on the ground and the area didn’t seem that big to me. Little did I know that it would be filled with thousands of people later that night… It was really hot so we went to get some ice cream, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for 4,5 USD! It usually costs 10,7 over here. Score! After the first band some political Swedish band was playing and the singer didn’t articulate that well so I don’t know what his direction was anyway. Thereafter we decided to go eat and then get a good place for the next two bands so that we could see Regina from the best spot we could. While we ate Diamanda Galás played. And well…ok people say Regina is cooky and crazy (at least they used to) but this…this was way too weird for me. I didn’t get it. At all. It felt like anyone could have sung and played like she did. Seriously. Just howling and hammering to me. Sorry.

When we got to the stage we decided we didn’t want to stand in the front row. My front-row-at-regina-concerts heart was hurt, but the stage was very high, it was downhill towards the stage and my friend is like 15 cms shorter than me. We placed ourselves in what would later be the third row. Galás had her grand piano facing to the right so we figured Regina might have it that way too. Then CocoRosie played. They were pretty good. Very artsy. A pair of granny panties with painted blood over a pair of fishnet stockings. Club music. Some songs really good. Extremely talented beat-boxer.

After them it was First Aid Kit’s turn. When they changed the backdrop I saw Regina's squares behind it and started freaking out a bit… First Aid Kit are really good! Wonderful concert. But at about 9:30 I was so nervous I couldn’t focus that much anymore. It was really nerve wrecking knowing Regina was in the area, that there was gonna be a show TONIGHT, SOON, that I hadn’t had time to think about it beforehand, that I was so unprepared. I couldn’t stop twisting my hands. I was almost shaking. Seriously. I don’t remember having felt that much before the other five concerts I’ve been to. Maybe I’ve just forgotten about it. And the band before her hadn’t even stopped playing yet. When FAK came out to do the encore I spotted Yoed Nir at the side of the stage! Aaaah. They’re here! He was taking some pictures of the musicians and of the crowd. I was like a child pointing out stuff to my friend “There’s her cellist! AH! There’s the keyboard guy! I haven’t spotted the drummer yet. I wonder where Regina is. Was that Jack? Is he here?”

The day before I had responded to one of Jack’s post about Sweden on fb, saying I would very much want to hear You’ve got time and Call Them Brothers, but I had no idea if he was even gonna be there since he wasn’t at the other festival show last year. He did "like" that comment though, so my hopes were high.

The waiting felt long. When they started to rearrange the set I realized they put the piano in the other direction and that we were now standing a little far to the right for my liking. But at this point there was a lot of people and we saw the stage well. We didn’t want to risk our spots and end up behind someone taller. We made the time pass through singing and trying not to let the people coming from behind get through.

I spotted her before anyone else around me did. Pressed play on the camera and started screaming. And yes unfortunately that means I got the hysterical screaming on tape and will be posting it to youtube. She was wearing a black jumpsuit that I think I’ve seen her wear before. She walked up to the piano, drank some water and then came to the front of the stage. She looked very shocked when looking out over the crowd. She mimicked “FUCK!” and then waved. When she picked up the microphone the crowd got quieter. I thought she was just gonna start singing but she said “Hi” and everyone screamed “Hi” back. She went on “Shit… That was scary”, smiling the whole time. Then she started singing Ain’t No Cover and the world stopped. I was extremely surprised with how quiet the crowd was. I was NOT expecting that at a festival. But this was a small one and it seemed like a lot of people came just for her! She went on to play The Calculation and On the Radio. Everyone sang along to the “Uh-oh!” part. Almost the entire evening was good sing along and not the noisy out-of-tune kind. Very musical crowd were I was standing. And respectful. Then Small Town Moon where Regina looked up and responded to the massive applause with a huge humble smile when the song started. This happened for most of the songs after too. And she held the “babybabybaby” for a good ten seconds. Longer than I think I’ve ever heard? She kept on saying “Thank you” and “Tack (sw)” the whole night. At one point, I think it was when someone screamed “We love you”, she said “A huge giant ‘tack’!” and I really thought she said “c*ck”. Ha ha. I had someone correct ma and a few others afterwards.

When she presented Ode to Divorce a big cheer started and she was surprised and laughed: “You listen! You know my stuff!” All the Rowboats and Blue Lips followed. Heart wrenching and beautiful.

Then she invited Jack to the stage! First time I get to see him in real life!They did both Call Them Brothers and You've Got Time. The crowd cheered a lot when she presented it. I was so proud of us, in a weird way, that we knew her stuff. She so deserves a good audience and I was happy we could give that to her together =)

She went on with Dance Anthem and then Better. When it got close to the ending I started clapping, like you're supposed to, but before she started. People joined in and a guy next to me was like "You started this! I saw you!" Me: "Oh, but she always does this." "But still!" and she held out one round more than usual with only piano. Every single one was clapping along. It was a powerful moment.

Then Ne Me Quitte Pas, Eet and Ballad of a Politician with the intro that I had completely forgotten about. It was phenomenal. As was The Prayer which she played after. I've never heard it live. Her voice is so much darker in Russian. The high note she hit near the end was very impressive.

On to Folding Chair, How and The Party. The applause after "one more round of applause" was so long I'm guessing people who hadn't heard it must have thought that was the end of it. She had to bow and thank us for it to stop, so that she could go on with the ending of the song.

She started playing Us, and I knew we were getting close to the end. You know when you eat something really good and you want more before you've even finished your bite? Yeah. Like that.

After that Brad started playing something on his own and I was like "what's this?" and started recording. It proved to be Fidelity with a new (I think?) beginning. I had already pressed record and since the arrangement was different I kept on recording even though it's a common song. After the bridge (where she held out "be-a" the whole way never changing to "better") a crackling noise started. Everyone was looking around to see what it was but we couldn't see anything. Regina noticed it too, and a few seconds after she exclaimed "Wooow! Fireworks!" in the middle of the song. We couldn't see it, but she was further from the ground, we only noticed it got brighter. After the song she said: "That was amazing! I love fireworks!" And yes, of course she does, why wouldn't she? It's Reggie ;) She looked like a little child who just got an unexpected present.

She kept on smiling during Hotel Song and looked up more than usual. Then it was time for Samson and I knew the night was over. Oh I was feeling such joy and sadness at the same time…

Over all it was an amazing concert. Truly astounding. And she was really there, you know? She was really feeling it. She emphasized certain words and really pressed the keys and…she did it with emphasis. Different little tweaks everywhere. Far from routine. She was so present. I don't think I've ever seen her more into it. She was really feeling the crowd and the night was filled with so so much love and happiness. I felt so lucky to be standing there.

I don't know when, but sometime during he concert she mentioned it was a miracle she was able to sing tonight, because she ate all the herring in Stockholm earlier that day. "It's my soul food. It's what I grew up on. We should have more herring in America." (I, myself, can't stand the taste of it.)

Before one song she said "Thank you" paused "I'm so happy to be back here" and everyone was dead quiet waiting for her to say something more, give us an anecdote or something, but she didn't and I couldn't keep from giggling at the situation. Ah sweet sweet Regina. A woman of few improvised words when on stage.

When she waved goodbye and went off the stage people kept on clapping for several minutes. I didn't expect her to come back since Samson was played already but I thought she might if we kept on going. Afterwards I found out from security that she had went straight from the stage into a car and off to the airport. Which means she was already gone when we cheered for her to step back on stage.

I didn't take that many pictures this time. And I didn't record as much. 8 or 9. I was just there in the moment for most of it. About 100 photos in comparison to like 350 the other times.

After the show me and my friend (who was really impressed) met two guys when we went looking for Regina. One of them had brought a piano key from his piano for her to sign. That was the best autograph idea I've ever heard of. It was an A, the lowest on the piano. I advised him to bring low D next time. "The saddest of all keys".

Thank you for letting me write these essays, I hope you read. My English teacher would be proud if she knew I voluntarily write these many words when I've been to a Reginka concert.

Here's the setlist. The ones marked I have videos of. Won't be able to upload until sometime next week.

Ain't No Cover*

The Calculation

On the Radio

Small Town Moon*

Ode to Divorce

All the Rowboats

Blue Lips* (half)

Call Them Brothers*

You've Got Time*

Dance Anthem of the 80s'


Ne Me Quitte Pas


Ballad of a Politician*

The Prayer*

Folding Chair


The Party



Hotel Song*


I've read as many reviews as I could find, and reviewers have really started to like her. I think I've read one semi-positive review and five good ones. She only get fours and fives out of five now. I'm really happy that people are starting to get her. And wether the reviewers are liking her or not, they all talk of how talented she is. She really deserves all the credit.

I can't believe I get to be a part of this.

Much much love to you, my fellow stixers!

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Great report, thanks for sharing! I definitely recognized that nervous realization of not being prepared when I saw her in Amsterdam last week. Maybe because we're scared that we don't value it enough? But I'm sure we do. :) I love that the crowd was so into it, and think you should take credit for having Jack play You've Got Time with her. Haha, or at least you encouraged him! I'm looking forward to seeing your Fidelity video.

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Ta-daaa! Oh please listen and watch. It was a wonderful show. Hear all the little tweaks. "memori-ies" in How and so many other little things.

Should I use the youtube setting "enhance video" or not?? Is it worth it or does it ruin things?

Oh and I forgot to tell you she saved a bug of some kind from her keys at this concert too. I love it when she does that! =)

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