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Sorry about going dark for a few days here, my dad just had surgery and I've been a little preoccupied. I have been working on the code and I'll be posting another fairly big update this weekend.

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He's in a lot of pain and is recovering slowly, but it's not like his life is in danger or anything. At this point it's a question of how much pain he'll be in, and for how long. He had surgery on a herniated disc in his back for the second time in 10 years, and the last time he basically came out of surgery feeling 100% ok. This time he feels worse than before the surgery. With this kind of thing there's no real guarantee; it can make it better, it can do nothing, or it can make it worse. The doctor thinks he removed all of the disc that was impinging on the nerve (causing the pain), and that the current pain is caused by swelling (the scar tissue from the last surgery) and muscle spasms. I just visited him and he seems to have gotten slightly better since yesterday. He can stand up for about 10 minutes, but he can't bend or sit at all right now. It might take up to a month to know how things will ultimately turn out. I appreciate your concern and I'll pass it along.

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Oh wow that sounds awful :( Sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your family for a quick recovery! I can't imagine having to take a month to heal. Hopefully he won't be in pain for that long. Just remind him not to try to do too much too soon. I hear that can make things a lot worse, at least that's what they always say.

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Well, I've posted my update for the weekend. It's a little smaller than I was hoping, but I got a lot of the difficult stuff out of the way. You can now register and become a member of the site. This will give you access to upload content. I had hoped to have audio, video, and song lyrics working by the end of the weekend, but for now all you can do is edit song lyrics. Eventually just registering probably won't be enough to get people "uploader" status, but I figure that can be worked out later. I hope to have audio and video uploading done very soon, I'm just too tired to keep working right now. We have a lot of songs missing lyrics, so if anyone's looking for some busywork :)

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I'm all about this, Mr Eshbach! Anything i can do to help, I'd be pleased to do so.

Which songs need lyrics?

From running a quick query on the database, these are the songs without lyrics. Some of them might be duplicates of songs where the names are spelled differently. If so, let me know and I'll just fix the duplication:

Call Them Brothers

Dance Antehm Of The 80s

Ezra Pound

Feeling Good (Shara Worden)


Happy Birthday

Hero of the Story


In the Studio

Inside a Boy (Shara Worden)

It's a Boy

Lauging With

Love, You're a Whore

No Surprises

Oh Marcello

Prayer of Francois Villon

Riot Gear

The Old Jacket

The Party

The Sword and the Pen

The Tower (Nicole Atkins)

The Way It Is (Nicole Atkins)

Twenty Years of Snow

You Don't Know Me

You Stayed at Home

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