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Thank you Briana and adnreseng. There is a name I remember! I will check on the site soon.

I am sure this isn't new to anyone but as I just got this song "back" and it happens to be one of my favorite pieces and also youtube clips and apropos to my situation:

She just seems to be channeling the piece, althogh in the comments some people remark that she had vertigo due to an ear infection or something so it could be just that.

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What you are looking for is called the six-58 file. Six-58 used to be a website with loads of Regina songs, the file was just an archive containing all of those songs. It used to be available on respektonline.

This is seriously the most ever magnificent thing. I have a 5 hour car ride today -- and now also 105 Regina songs to listen to on the way! Yesss.

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