Regina in Amsterdam

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Alright, here we go! :) There are some videos on Youtube, I'll link to them in the post.


Got on the train at about 3:30PM. Did I bring everything? Yes: I was wearing the right shirt, I brought a cute card with a cat cartoon to help decorate the tour bus a little bit, and in case I'd get to talk to Regina (wasn't counting on that, because I had to catch a train back home - spoiler: didn't see her) I brought last year's picture (Regina & me) so she could sign it. That didn't happen this time, better luck next time. I wrote a message for Regina, Jack and the band members on the card to wish them good luck and lots of fun for the remaining Europe tour. :)

5:30PM - A quick look at the queue. It was pretty much non-existant at this point, with like 10 people there. I was glad, and so was my mum because now we could eat peacefully (I got a little stressed out 4 years ago when there was quite a big group already). Doors were scheduled to open at 7PM, with Jack playing at 7:30 and Regina at 8:30.

6:40PM - Woah, hang on! Back at the venue, there was quite a crowd waiting in line now. It was raining and I wondered why I hadn't thought of an "I *heart* Paris in the rain"-umbrella before. We did bring a boring one though.

7:00PM - Some people from the venue checked out the line. One of them said she'd never seen anything like it before. I thought that was weird (maybe she hadn't worked there for very long yet), surely this wasn't the first gig to be sold out.. Anyway, they had some bad news for us; there were technical difficulties so they would open 15-20 minutes later than planned. Uh-oh. Got a little worried about that.

7:20PM - The queue was starting to move. We went inside and found two seats at the first balcony. I gotta say that it's a very relaxing way to experience a concert - sitting. The previous 3 Regina concerts, I was always standing close to the stage, but also close to a thousand other people with hardly any space to move around. And tall people are much more annoying when you stand. My instinct to go to the left side was right - the piano chair was facing us.

Jack started playing around 7:45PM. It wasn't until he entered the stage that I realized what was going to happen tonight. Oh my, it's Jack! That's so cool! Oh wow, Regina's going to be here soon! Wow! I might have gotten a tear in my eye. Last year, his iPhone was introduced as his band, but he'd brought his real band this time. I'm sad to say this, but the sound wasn't great. Maybe this was part of the technical difficulties, maybe it was partly due to our place in the room, far to the left. Either way, I couldn't hear Jack's voice properly. Even when he said some stuff in-between songs, it was hard to hear what he was saying. He told an anecdote about his last time in Amsterdam, 11 years ago. He got stuck in an elevator. Despite the imperfect sound, I was glad to hear It's A Boy again, and My Museum, and Stamp Your Name On It.. I was really into it. Lots of people were talking. Get used to it, I know. What do you expect with him being the opening act. But it's still hard for me to completely ignore all the rude people. Especially during a quiet song like Kick 'Em Out, they didn't shut up. I was glad to hear that Jack would be at the merch stand after Regina's set, that would hopefully mean I could give him the card.

Picture of Jack:


During the preparation for Regina, a guy next to me asked me: So, are you here for the opening act, or for Regina? "Both!" I told him that I'd seen Jack and Regina in Paris last year. It was his first time seeing Regina live, after being a fan for 7 years! He was really excited about it, of course. The first song of hers that he heard was On The Radio. I felt like a spoiled brat when I told him this was my 4th concert.. I realized I'd become a part of the people that I used to be jealous of, you know? Those people that have met her, the people who keep a list of the concerts they've been to.

Regina entered the stage at 8:50PM, I think. She opened with Ain't No Cover. The sound was great! There had been a lot of tech guys on stage and I think they must have used some of the Maaaaa-gic that Jack had sung about ;) So beautiful to hear this a capella song fill the entire room. Great. I mean, it's worth going there just to see Only Son and then to hear this song. That alone would be a great night (but also slightly weird, haha).

Then she sat down - it was a little difficult with the skirt she was wearing, so we laughed a little with her. And she started playing The Calculation. Even with the drums, her voice was loud and clear, so I wasn't really worried about that anymore. :) Her next song was On The Radio! Guy next to me super happy, of course. So fun to clap along at the end. The next song was Small Town Moon. "Whoo!" Again, everyone clapping to the rhythm of her feet. She introduced her next song: "The next song is called Ode to Divorce". This was basically the first time she said anything apart from the "thank you", "thank you for being here" stuff. Yay for Ode to Divorce! I was very happy to hear that again. The do-o-o-llar part (you guys know what I mean, right?) is so intense. I wrote the names of all the songs she played on a piece of paper, by the way. When I got home, I realized that she played these 5 songs in the same order last year. Coincidence? Or is that how each concert in-beween has also started?

: I still don't like the drums. This was another favorite of the guy I'd talked to, he was really getting his money's worth :D Think it's also one of my favorites. The waltz part was really cool to see, though unfortunately we were just too far away to see her hands/the keys of the piano. But she had such a wide smile during that part - she was smiling and counting, smiling and counting. Another highlight for me. Then she played
. Still awesome. The next song was
, the crowd was really stoked about that. It's not that I dislike the song, I just don't understand why it gets so much more love than some other songs. After Blue Lips, she got up from her chair and kneeled down on the stage. At first I thought someone wanted to give her a present or something, but it turned out that someone had fainted (it was really hot). So the crew people got some water bottles, and I think the girl was okay (it was difficult to see what exactly was going on). Then Regina got up again and said

From my angle, I couldn't see all the cuteness in the same way I could last year, but the way Jack looked at her - adorable. And now watching that video, she's super cute at the end! :) Oh, yeah, there were some people talking behind me. I did a loud SSSSSH that seemed to shut them up. Regina went back to her seat to play
. Still beautiful, although I also hope I'll get to hear Old Jacket some time. I listen to that a lot while walking home from the train station. She introduced this song saying that it was a Russian song she really loved, and she can't translate it, but we always have Google. If you watch that video, you'll hear her say "Or should I say Google [something]" I don't know what she's saying there - is that the Russian word for Translate?

Then she got up again for

. Not as many people shouting SOLO as last year. But she still liked it that some of us did, I think (looking at her smile). The next song was Better. And I swear she looked at me during that song. At least the spotlight was on me (okay, and some people next to me too, probably.. ssshh) and she looked in my direction and she smiled and I smiled, and I'll just believe that it was for me, because why not? ;)


She then introduced the band, the same guys as last year, I think? Mathias Künzli, Yoed Nir and I forgot the last name, should have written this down too! Anyways, this brought us to Ne Me Quitte Pas. For me, no version is going to beat the one I heard last year, in Paris, in the rain, with the whole room singing along to that, and Regina being super super happy. She did manage to throw an "and Amsterdam" in this version though! So we liked that. And I also still love the cello solo. Then she asked if we knew about the Van Gogh Museum. She'd wanted to go there yesterday, but they had spent too much time in the Rijksmuseum (impossible to pronounce in English :P). Did anyone want to go to the Van Gogh? Of course, many hands were raised. She handed a girl her tickets! That was a pretty awesome moment.

- the first time around, she sang "you try to move your feet" instead of "...feel the beat". Big deal! But then at "Someone's deciding.." she first started with "It's like" - so it went "It's like - someone's deciding.." We noticed and she said: "I know the irony of the song!" and then picked it up just fine again. Well done!

She introduced "

", but it didn't start the way that it usually does and was instead preceded by a beautiful cello&piano intro. I'm not sure whether she did that last year. But it's great. Then:
! Surprise. I know I have never heard that live. Great to have the cello there too. Okay, I'm just a big fan of the cello, apparently! And strings in general!

The next song starts: "Sheeeeeeeeeeee"..

! Haha, that's another first-time-live one for me. So fun. The last "sheee" got a lot of cheers.

The last song of the main set was

. We didn't do the "round of applause" in Paris last year, but I'd read about that, I think from a concert report by Sweetness In My Lungs? So I decided to go for it this time and started to clap. Because who knows when, or if, I'm going to hear that song live again. More people joined in and Regina smiled, fortunately. After the best trumpet noises she left the stage. Wow, she got a huuuge applause and lots of feet stamping because everyone wanted her to come back. The encore:
(!) The first song of hers that I heard - and she seemed to look at me again at the "take photographs" part, no, she definitely did, didn't she? Haha. In any case, she really took some time to open her eyes and give us all some big smiles. And then Fidelity and, of course, Samson. It went by sooo quickly. Maybe because I'd seen this before? Maybe because she didn't talk very much? Maybe because she played 21 songs this time, and 23 last year? I think the "technical difficulties" delay made her feel a little rushed, like she wanted to give us as much music as possible, but she still had to be in the bus on time for the busy tour ahead. I was a tiny bit disappointed that we didn't get You've Got Time. Going to check out the version she played on Monday soon.

I still couldn't believe that it was already over, but I had a new mission - finding Jack. I could see him at the merch stand from the stairs, surrounded by a lot of people, but oh well, I'd get there eventually. I'd quickly written an update on the card to add that it was as great as expected. I got closer, some girls in front of me spotted him: "Are you Regina's husband?" I was wondering what he got out of this tour, you know? I hope he enjoys it. After his conversation with those girls, and taking pictures with them, and discussing their height ( :huh:) I got to say hi and told him it was my second time seeing him, fourth time seeing Regina. One of the girls asked me if I'd travelled to Paris just to see Regina. "Oh, no, I was on holiday to France" which is the truth, but we did book that hotel that was so close to the venue, we did plan it that way. But oh well. I gave him the card, he found it cute and said Regina was really going to like it. "But it's for you too!" I emphasized, I didn't want him to feel like some messenger for Regina (like: hey, opener guy, can you give this to my idol..) But he knew that, he just said that he knew Regina would find it really cute; "It's right up her alley". And he imitated the way she'd react, doing an "awww"! That was really funny. He read my name on the card and asked my last name, which I then had to spell, and we had a little discussion about my name, haha. So odd. I thanked him again, said I was so glad to hear It's A Boy again, he put the card in his pocket and then it was time to leave. You know, I had a great time. I had tried so hard NOT to compare this to last year because that was Best-Night-Ever levels of greatness. But a night like this brings back memories of similar nights, obviously. And that night in Paris will still be more special to me. But it was great here too. When I got home, I read some tweets from someone who'd also talked to Jack. He had told her that Regina had been suffering a migraine, and the concert could have been cancelled. That explains the small amount of chatter, I think, and it's very impressive that she only had one tiny mix-up! Poor Regina. :( This Europe tour hasn't been very nice to her yet, with this and the Secret Garden Party incident. I hope she'll feel better for the rest of the tour.

More pictures:





This last picture is a youtube still, you can see a present that someone gave her/put on the stage for her on the right.

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What a wonderful review! An interesting read for someone still recovering from the buzz of my Monday night Bexhill gig! ;) I'll do a quick write-up on the gig in the correct thread, as you have done so - unfortunetly it won't be as in-depth, as some parts of the night flew by in a kind of wonderful blur, but from the sound of things, her set list was quite similar, although she didn't perform 'Firewood' or 'The Call', neither did she perform 'The Prayer of Francois Villon', but she did however, perform 'You've Got Time' for the second ever time live, as you mentioned in your review. It was nice to hear that you got the opportunity to speak to Jack, and your photos are lovely! I too was sad to hear of the Garden Party incident, which, as all good fans would know, would've been completely out of character for Regi in the first place. It was disheartning to see the FBook page flooded with bitter and misguided comments, with some even labelling her a 'diva', a rediculous term for Regina, who I imagine to be one of the most grounded people in today's music industry. At least now there has been some statement released letting it be known that the incident was nothing personal on her part, and was instead simply the organisers choosing a headliner over a lesser-known band, which, although hard on the band and their fans, is completly understandable considering Regina is a bigger name and would've drawn in more people.

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Oh, sorry if I was unclear but I didn't take these great pictures, most of them were taken by this professional photographer. :) But I agree that they're lovely, I'm so glad to have some keepsakes like those pictures and the many videos (that are also of increasingly good quality).

And hey, WholeOtherDayDream, of course it's a blur - it's so overwhelming seeing her for the first time, and it's great to be so completely in the moment (ugh, that sounds like such a cliche though, right). And yes, I'm glad that the Garden Party organisers clarified that she wasn't even involved in the decision. A little late for my liking, but still. Now I'm going to head over to your report..

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