European Summer Tour 2013

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I meant to add that Regina must have the hardest working sound man in the business. Most shows I see they speak or gesture to the sound man once, maybe twice during the show, but last night Regina had a lengthy conversation with him every song or two.

Lots of decent videos of the show posted by the wonderfully named bigdodgybob:

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I heard The Call for the first time too this year!

This article about her Israel show is pretty nice, the writer put a lot of thought into it.

"Before the main performance, a devoted stagehand wiped Spektor's piano with a dry rag and then went over the keys with a brush with great concentration, taking a special interest in cleaning the black ones. He went and came back and did that repeatedly. Had the piano been on a loudspeaker at the time, and the situation had taken place at the jazz festival in Eilat, he might have been applauded by the audience."

Photos from Regina's instagram:



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