European Summer Tour 2013

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Early on we got the usual "Marry me Regina" from the crowd ("I'm taken" was her response) but then during the intro to Ode to Divorce we got a first when the same guy called out "Divorce me Regina". She couldn't continue for laughing and had to start again.

Footage of the "divorce me" moment


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I'm so glad she did the summer tour.. looking at her updates on the internet was almost like I traveled with her. Tallinn show was a-mazing, it was my first time seeing her and I cried like a.. I don't know, I cried like any huge Regina fan would after first seeing her! I'm so glad Jack Dishel gave her my letter, and I later found out (on Facebook, when I asked Jack on his Only Son- page!) that Regina had loved the letter! The best feeling ever. I can't even imagine what it would be like to talk to her, or to stand next to her.

Hey, does anyone know that did she give out autographs after any show of her European summer tour? :)

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