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Various videos of TV show performances

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Hi All,

I became an instant fan of Regina after watching her perform "How" on Jay Leno. After that I have kept searching for other television show performances almost weekly. So far I have a few recordings of various shows I wanted to share with other fans. Unfortunately, some videos are not allowed on You tube so I had to post them on video bam. I have never heard of the site before but at least the videos are not getting flagged.

Anyway here are the videos:

EET on Saturday Night Live 2009?? (Unfortunately I believe there were two songs performed on the original show, but on rebroadcasts they edit out one of the performances! :( At least they did on the Betty White show where Jay Z performed Empire State of Mind. Either way, there is only one song performance in my recording.)

Regina on Carson Daly:

Call Them Brothers

Small Town Moon

Jay Leno:

How (Check out the other thread on this show performance because there are better videos posted.)

Jimmy Fallon:

Dont Leave Me

Disclaimer, no copyright infringement is intended. If posts like this are not allowed then mods please delete. I am assuming based on previous posts that this is ok. And finally, if you want to download the videos let me know via pm. The audio quality on the converting process is not the greatest.


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