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April 17th, 2002 -- Does anyone have this show?

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Does anyone know when Respektonline will be coming back fully? It's been a while and it still says:


Dear RespetkOnline Users,

The contract to host the existing version of RespektOnline expires on April 1st of this year, and the RSO team decided to take this as an opportunity to rebuild the site with a more user-centric focus. Our vision is of a community where anyone can post content of any sort, be it audio, video, or even concert reviews, and have all the content be organized, easily sortable, and searchable. To that end, we are in the process of rewriting the site, and while we had hoped to keep the existing site online as long as possible during the transition, it seems that we have been forced to launch the new site prematurely.

On behalf of the entire RSO team, I sincerely apologize for any content that you may be missing during the transition, and we hope to improve the situation each day while we work throughout the month to bring the new site fully online. We appreciate your patience, and hope that you will find the upcoming enhancements much-welcome additions to the site's functionality.

Yours Truly,
Aaron Eshbach and the RSO team.


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It's back! Check this link:


Sometimes the URL can be screwy, which I don't get. You have to do something very specific to get to it...but it's back up!


Edit Oh! I guess that is the message you get at the home page...but the Songs/Audio tabs work and everything's back up for download!

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