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Regina at Duke University Recording

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So, quite a while ago I told some people here that I had this recording from a show Regina did at Duke University in 2007, but I couldn't find it (and I felt really bad :unsure:) I thought it was lost! Well, while in search of some old photos on my computer I came across it today!


This was the last show of her 2007 tour. Regina had a bad case of Vertigo and had to cancel the rest of her tour after this. It's an interesting show... She was so sick she had to be carried on and off the stage. There's also some interesting audience interaction and in the middle of the show Jack comes out and does a comedy routine to keep the crowd entertained while Regina takes a break. A lot of the songs are slowed down, but if I remember correctly she still sounded amazing!


Here's the setlist:

Ain't No Cover

On The Radio

Sailor Song

Man With A Thousand Faces

Summer in the City


Blue Lips

Ode To Divorce

Small Town Moon

One More Time With Feeling

The Wallet

Ghost of Corporate Future

Field Below

Real Love




and you can download the show here

Enjoy :)

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Better late than never! Thanks for sharing. It's so good to hear something "new."  This show is certainly a testament to regina's fortitude and the incredible talent that manages to flow out of her somehow even in the worst of situations.

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