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Regina did a Facebook Q&A and it's so adorable. Watch it:


Two interesting answers:

-Someone asked if 11:11 will ever be reprinted because they would love a physical copy, and Regina says yes! "It's on my very very long todo-list, I think it's been on my 'I have to get this done' list probably for a decade now. So I'm very sorry about that.. It is possible and I'm going to do it at some point. (...) I'm going to reprint it at some point and make physical copies. And then you can have one. :)"

-There was also a question about the Beauty musical she had been working on a few years ago (I was also wondering what happened with that). Regina explained that things did not work out, and they (Regina and the director and producer) decided to discontinue the project, but: "if I ever do write a musical, I would write the music and the words myself. That's something I discovered. As awesome as it is being a composer, I really fucking love words and I want to write both."

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I really like the fan interviews!

Rolling Stone 'Talks Colorful New LP' 9/30/16

Late Show with James Corden 'Small Bill$' 9/30/16

NPR "I see my family in everybody" 10/3/16

Chicago Sun Times Article 10/5/16

Reddit AMA 10/5/16

KCSN Live Session 9/30/16 (I'm pretty sure she played most of if not the whole album here)

Kyle Meredith

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Regarding Regina's show in Sweden :)

Great review:


There were a few bad reviews as well. People not getting it and saying she shouldn't play guitar (well those people clearly shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinion :P), but I decided to exclude them here beacuse reading them just made me sad. Hurray for just sharing good stuff and getting a false image of reality!

And of course as always, if you want me to transalte, just say so!

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