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Regina on PBS Soundstage

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Soundstage Review



After a couple of views of this delightful show, I jotted down some notes and thought I would share them here.


                                                                                                  {SPOILER ALERT}


I am going to list the songs and my notes below. Please stop reading if you don’t want to read any

further information about the show.


Regina was resplendent in red with her iconic red lipstick. After a comment about the length of time since her last album (“It’s been a minute;), Regina kicked right in with On The Radio and showed no signs of any rust; the audience applauding from the first note and clapping right along. Regina then

qualified that this was the first time she was going to play her new songs live (there were no glitches, although it was likely they were edited out, the show was only an hour).


The first new song was Bleeding Heart which I preferred over the recorded version, as there were more strings and less synth. The audience seemed to appreciate this one. Regina then went right into the

piano intro for Grand Hotel, and the live version seemed to emphasize the cinematic qualities of the



Regina then moved to the microphone at the front of the stage (‘Here I am, I’m not shunning you:) and kicked into Small Bill$. As per her subsequent live performance of this song, she easily handled the

‘La-La’ chorus; she has as firm a grasp of her vocals as she does her piano. She followed this up at the piano with a lovely ‘Black and White’.


Regina then returned to the microphone and her famous ‘finger thump’ signaled the start of a well

received ‘Hotel Song’. Regina stayed at the microphone for the acapella intro to Trapper and the

Furrier’ and then moved to the piano for the ‘It’s a strange strange world we live in’ bridge and the rest

of the song. This seemed to get the best reception of any of the new songs. This was a dramatic touch that I think worked very well. The follow up song was ‘Obsolete’ which was also well received.


The following ‘You’ve Got Time’ picked up the tempo and energy level and the audience was into it

from the first notes, Jack playing guitar on stage. The last new song Regina played was New Year.

Regina’s ‘encore’ portion of the show was ‘Us, Fidelity, and of course Samson. I only meant to view the beginning of the show this morning to check on the recording, but the hour flew by before I



For convenience; the set list:


On the Radio

Bleeding Heart

Grand Hotel

Small Bill$

Black and White

Hotel Song

The Trapper and the Furrier


You’ve Got Time

New Year






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Watched this last night from start to finish. It was an absolutely amazing performance.


She sounded perfect. So perfect that I have to wonder, does Soundstage have an auto-tune thing happening on their show? I promise you, I don't doubt Regina's incredible voice-- but there were moments I had to wonder why it sounded SO pitch perfect. Did anyone else notice this? 

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I recorded it and have watched a couple of times. I don't know if they use auto tune, but Regi sounds great live anyway. I know they obviously edited the songs (it was only an hour, instead of two), and also edited out any slip ups (which are always very cute). Can't speak as to any audio tuning, though...

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