Downloading Regina Songs?

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Hello! As you may now recognize, ReSpekt Online and, more specifically,, do not operate anymore. The link leads to a casino blog in French. Even with the Wayback Machine's assistance, the download link is not accessible. Does anyone here have the ReSpekt files? Could you help me download them? Thank you and much love! 

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After searching a bit, I have found out a few things. Between the February and August of 2016, the domain name of ReSpekt Online had expired. The final note on the site before expiration suggests that it happened on April first ( We may have hope, however. In this last message, it is also stated that the site is being improved! I am not quite sure when (or if) this new site will be or has been released. The team surely has not ended its efforts! 


Hmm. I actually don't know aside from peer to peer. :(

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