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One Little Soldier - Regina on Bombshell OST

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Anyone here? Happy, healthy and honest 2020 to everyone!
Saw Bombshell last week and noticed a warm recognition coming over me at the credits and realized it's Regina singing.
The new song has defining Regina touches, but as so often it is again unique. Personally love the drums/synth drop giving it a fat electro vibe and Regina wailing the chorus!

I liked the movie too. It might've flown over the radar for the mixed reviews it got and I'm sure that in current USA the Trump references did not help. But a story like this is not even political, it can happen anywhere when power abuse runs free. Besides, it has astounding acting all around and a nuanced script.
And as for Regina satirizing: "doesn't even matter what you say", to me it'll always matter if you say it right like this song.

Here's some words on the song too:

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