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Barfly gig - lyrics in Russian ?

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Ohmerica doesn't have any Russian in it. The only one from Barfly that I can think of that has Russian is Apres Moi they have it as Sailor Song, which also uses some French.

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In "Apres Moi Le Deluge" she sings the first four lines of a poem by Boris Pasternak called "February".

Black spring! Pick up your pen, and weeping,

Of February, in sobs and ink,

Write poems, while the slush in thunder

Is burning in the black of spring.

Through clanking wheels, through church bells ringing

A hired cab will take you where

The town has ended, where the showers

Are louder still than ink and tears.

Where rooks, like charred pears, from the branches

In thousands break away, and sweep

Into the melting snow, instilling

Dry sadness into eyes that weep.

Beneath - the earth is black in puddles,

The wind with croaking screeches throbs,

And-the more randomly, the surer

Poems are forming out of sobs.

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Thanks, whose_army?, I studied Pasternak in Russian Literature, and when translating it I knew it sounded familiar but couldn't figure it out. You saved me a lot of headaches 'cause I'm stubborn and wouldn't of gave up until I figured it out so thanks again. Here it is in Russian pronounciation (never learned to write in cyrillic).

Fevral'. Dostat' chernil i plakat'!

Pisat' o fevrale navzryd,

Poka grohochuschaya slyakot'

Vesnoyu chernoyu gorit.

Dostat' proletku. Za shest' griven,

CHrez blagovest, chrez klik koles

Perenestis' tuda, gde liven'

Esche shumnej chernil i slez.

Gde, kak obuglennye grushi,

S derev'ev tysyachi grachej

Sorvutsya v luzhi i obrushat

Suhuyu grust' na dno ochej.

Pod nej protaliny cherneyut,

I veter krikami izryt,

I chem sluchajnej, tem vernee

Slagayutsya stihi navzryd.

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