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Keane Fan Rudeness

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at lease we're mature enough not to go on the Keane forums and act like total assholes.

I'm not gonna say anything bad about Keane anymore, i'm going to the show tonight and I will listen to them and have a beer. But if they don't sell beer I'm leaving. j/k

I'm sure there are plenty of cool Keane fans, and all I've heard from them was there single so I can't judge by that. I'll judge after tonight, after the show, and not be rude while they play. Just rude to the people who are rude to Regina, ok nuff said - I'm getting excited.

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Originally posted by Keane:

I can't believe what I heard in Orlando yesterday. Then I found out she has a record contract. WTF? This woman gives music a bad name.

Keane is depressing? And Regina's not? Amazing.

If Regina sees this, I hope that was your last trip to Florida. Stay up in NYC with all your crappy fans. There aren't any down here.

I wouldn't say that Keane's music is depressing - it's just depressingly bland. To be honest, they're the best of an increasingly bad lot. Over here in the UK, that crap is everywhere - it sort of stems from Travis, through Coldplay, and then on to the likes of Keane, Snow Patrol, Thirteen Senses etc etc. Bland music for the uninspiring, unimaginative, 'one record a year' crowd. At least Regina strives for originality, and has personality.

I feel bad criticising Keane because the three of them seem like good blokes (they'd be embarrassed by this so-called fan), but their music isn't described as 'bed-wetter music' for nothing.

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Rude fans are bad news no matter who you are there to watch (Keane / Regina / Crimeas). Support acts get the rough end of the stick because the majority of people are at the gig to see somebody else. It would be lovely if everybody came, listened, formed/changed opinions and kept an open mind. Unfortunately this isn't the way it goes. Check through the opinions in posts around here about Keane... It obviously cuts both ways... Why should you be surprised?

I was at the Houston gig (primarily to see Keane since I like their music) but I was really pleasantly surprised by Regina's set - I had never heard her stuff before then. It was original, good songwriting, good music and although it was a little unexpected, I ended up really enjoying it. I have since gone and bought Soviet Kitsch. So from that aspect I guess it worked... I'm now interested to know more.

Just my $0.04 (given current exchange rates).


PS. What's the song that has the "...and somebody next door is f-ing to my song" lyric.

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