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"all over the place" and "public domain" tracks

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no problem.

I was saving the song until I really needed it, so last night I played it. Then played it another 14 times.

So good. I really love her. I really do.

In this very family-like way. Smiler

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Originally posted by Blood_Roses:

WOAH, wicked, just ordered one!!! Big Grin

I searched for this a while ago, even emailed Anders Griffen's email.. but couldnt find anywhere that still sold it.. they send overseas too Big Grin

cool cool!


Hey. So, I'm Blood_Roses above, I just rejoined the board but am unable to connect to my old account. The CD mentioned above by my five-years-younger self is now part of an eBay clearout, so is for sale if anyone's interested Smiler

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