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Regina Demographics

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i'm 20...about to turn 21. i've addicted most of my friends to regina's music. a couple of days ago i found the receipt from when i bought soviet kitsch. it made me laugh, for some reason. i guess i need to clean my car more often...

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Yo, yos! I've done some calculation and have a current average.

First, I'm 24 in less than a month.

That makes the current average 22.8 years old.


If you take into account Stwongbad's Dad, and Kiwifruit's Gramps, the current average is 26.5 years old.

Big difference with adding two people to a group of 30.

Anyway, I think the true demographic may be somewhere in-between or perhaps to the higher end, because much of the older demographic probably isn't into web forum messageboard things like this, so aren't as represented.


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