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i believe that you are correct. i suspect

that many older fans do not participate on Brumstix.

58 here.

although i have been told i don't look a day

over 45 (!) many times.

actually, i was carded until i was 35.

anyway, about the age thing.....i am an artist

of many years and i love regina's music. what am i supposed to do?....listen to tribute bands? Lawrence Welk? i think not. i am so happy that i have been to some of regina's concerts. my wife and daughter enjoy her music as well.

anyway, i suppose the average age just went up

a tad.

Don Q

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hello stwowngbad85....

i remember you and your little sis quite well.

indeed, i hope we will meet up at another concert. unfortunately, i will be in San Francisco on November 2. but i gave my daughter

2 tickets for that show.....

thanks for your reply....

was not the Tonic concert beyond awesome?

Don Q

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I live on the Sunshine Coast of England in a town, where the average age of the inhabitants, known affectionately as Silver Surfers, is 70 and they all live with their parents. Wink


However, I am one day off the same age as this guy, so hopefully that does not preclude us from being interested in good music. Razzer


Remember the adage The older you get, the better you get - unless you're a banana!" Big Grin

If you do post any links to Regina's music in future though, could you make sure they are good and loud, so that I can hear them. Smiler

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