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Originally posted by adamjk:

Originally posted by semilit:

I got a copy of some demos in early 04 from a friend at WBR. I believe I posted more about it on the Regina yahoogroup and here awhile back -- Belt is and always be my favorite song from Regina -- but here's the tracklisting:

1. 8th Floor

2. Belt

3. Prisoners

4. Soho

5. Reading Time With Pickle

6. Samson

7. A/B

8. The Consequence of Sound

9. Lacrimosa

10. Ne Me Quitte Pas

11. Oedipus

12. The List

13. Lullabye

14. Love Affair

15. Braille

16. Buildings

17. Sunshine

Ooh, I want these demos! All those old songs were re-recorded for Sire?!??!

this is very interesting, i thought 8th floor, belt, soho, and ab were only available in live recording form? where did you get the demos?

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I found some information on the original topic at hand.

Looking at the December 22, 2002 entry in an old version of Regina's website (here) she says she is going to her "second annual 'two Jews on Christmas session' with Joe Mendelson." So I'd assume that all fifteen songs from the demo were from this session. (It didn't make sense to me that "20 Years of Snow" was recorded for the Songs session at a fast tempo when, three months later, it is being performed at almost half that speed and with a missing outro.)

As for contacting semilit, typing the username in Google search engine yields a few more registrations on other websites... maybe someone who has an account on any of them can contact him/her from there...?

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